Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to the Philippines

Find your parcel courier to the Philippines with My Parcel Delivery. A former colony of Britain, the Philippines is a territory made up of 7,000 islands but just 11 are heavily populated. Today, the UK is the largest European investor in the Philippines and the majority of tourists who head to the islands on holiday are British. With a huge population of more than 100 million, the growing country is in the top 40 of global economies with export goods like electronic products, garments and transport equipment. There are more than a quarter of a million Filipinos who have travelled the more than 6,600 miles between the two countries with around 10,000 British expats going the other way. With the growth of trade, as well as being a popular tourist destination, it is becoming increasingly easy to find cheap parcel delivery to the Philippines. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in the Philippines

Due to the scattered islands and difficult terrain, as well as government underinvestment, the transportation system needs some work. However, despite this, delivery services in the Philippines can be effective. The capital of Manila is the largest city with more than 10.4 million inhabitants, Quezon City boasts a population of more than 2.7 million and other places like Budta, Davao City and Malingao also have large numbers of people living there. Unlike many countries, which require a postcode when sending a parcel, postal codes aren’t mandatory in the Philippines but they are used with a four-digit system.

Compare parcel delivery services to the Philippines

Make sure you get the best price when sending a parcel by comparing the courier costs to Malaysia right here with a quote from MPD. With carriers like Parcelforce and UPS to search through, you can find exactly what you need. Our cheapest option is the MPD International Drop-Off at £28.30 including VAT that uses your local Hermes as a drop-off.

For the quickest delivery, take a look at UPS International Express Saver, where you can send a parcel up to 270cm in length and 70 kg in weight for £35.49 including VAT and it will reach its destination within 3 days. With all of our courier services to the Philippines offering some inclusive cover, notification emails and free SMS alerts, it easier than ever to get a package securely sent to the Southeast Asian country. [All prices correct at 06/08/2015]