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MPD offer a discounted, fast and reliable air freight service to Ireland. Based in the UK, we work with trusted, reputable international couriers to offer the best worldwide air freight networks to our customers. Get an instant quote today from MPD and we will deliver your consignment safely and efficiently to Ireland.

Air Freight Delivery to Ireland | Parcel and Pallet Delivery

Ireland has strong air freight networks and MPD are committed to providing you with a stress-free service when sending your consignment. Whether you are sending air freight to Dublin or Belfast, Cork, Limerick or Galway, we offer excellent coverage of Ireland, regardless of size, weight or contents.The Irish economy is strong, and is ranked second among 44 countries in the European region, scoring well above regional and world averages. Despite challenges to many economic policies, the small, open economy of the country has benefitted from steady and consistent growth over the past decade. A large part of the economy still consists of agricultural produce thanks to the country’s large coverage of arable land. Ireland’s other major exports include beverages, pharmaceuticals, computer hardware and medical devices, while its main imports are mainly poultry and fuel.MPD are committed to eliminating all the effort associated with dealing with carriers, customs, paperwork, etc. and we will work with you to meet certain requirements. The most basic documents that are required to handle customs clearance of your cargo include a commercial invoice / pro forma invoice, a packing List and a certificate of origin. There are many other documents that could potentially be required, but the above applies to most general shipments of goods that don’t require any additional certificates or special Irish government approval. For specific information on items, we recommend getting in touch with Irish Customs.

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