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Air Freight Delivery

We offer a bespoke, premium air freight service.

Based in the UK, we partner with trusted, reputable air freight providers to offer the best worldwide air freight networks to our customers.

  • Save time and money booking your delivery online.
  • Suited to small pallets and packages due to space and cost.
  • Deliver to anywhere that planes can fly and land.
  • Real-time technology that allows tracking from point A to point B.

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Air Freight - What you need to know:

Air freight delivery is the transfer and shipment of goods via an air carrier, typically either charter or commercial. Air freight has established itself as an essential component to any international logistics network because such shipments travel out of commercial and passenger aviation gateways, meaning they can deliver to anywhere that planes can fly and land. Often used alongside other forms of shipping like marine, rail and ground, air freight is one of the main delivery options for importing and exporting from the UK.

Air freight has grown exponentially in the last 40 years alongside the expansion of trade networks and markets - it is now regarded as one of the most efficient and effective means to ship nationally and internationally. As a result, the express shipping options of air freight make it a popular option for businesses coordinating time-sensitive shipments across the globe. This method is also popular as it offers a high level of security due to the tight management of cargo in airports.

P4D can offer you flexibility over the type of service available when sending freight by air. Our rates for air freight services are calculated based on the following:

• Weight and size of your delivery
• Destination country and airport
• Airline charges
• Any additional surcharges

The size and weight of your shipment might restrict how quickly we are able to move it through the air, and some goods are regulated by international law. Moreover, when you send air freight outside of the EU a customs invoice is required to expedite clearance.

There are many components that make up the supply chain for air freight and P4D are committed to eliminating all the effort associated with dealing with carriers, customs, paperwork, etc.  

We will work with you to meet your requirements, and for the process to be as efficient as possible.


What our customers are saying

Exceptional customer service

Ran into a problem but the customer service was great - they replied frequently to my emails and even offered to call me to clear up the situation. In the end the problem was solved and I can’t fault the colleagues, they were great.

5 star review from TrustPilot

September 2021

Absolutely brilliant

Absolutely brilliant - I needed to send Christmas presents to my family in Ireland. The system was swift and so professional. They received the parcel very quickly and I am very happy.

5 star review from TrustPilot

September 2021

One place to find the most suitable…

One place to find the most suitable delivery service(s), easy to operate, the cheapest not always the right option especially for different types of delivery address - some companies charge more for domestic addresses!

5 star review from TrustPilot

August 2021