Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Pakistan

Find the cheapest courier to Pakistan at My Parcel Delivery. The South Asian country, despite its politically tumultuous image, is a pleasant place to visit and conduct business, and with its ties to the UK you can get great courier services to Pakistan. The rich and alluring culture, bounty of natural resources and a sense of resiliency all make for a beautiful country with a significant growth potential. Pakistan was once a part of British Raj until its independence in 1947. Since then, the two have maintained positive relationships and are both members of the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations.

In 2014 both nations vowed to improve ties by expanding upon the health, education, defence and economic areas. Pakistan’s major industries include textiles, steel, electric goods and shipbuilding, while its major exports are textile and leather goods, carpets, rice and fruit. With the British government dedicating more time to improving Pakistan’s economic stability, now is also the time for small and large businesses to expand to the Pakistani market. For those looking to send a parcel to Pakistan commercially or privately, there are plenty of cost-effective options available.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Pakistan

Pakistan’s infrastructure may not be up to par with the UK’s, but expert courier drivers know how to navigate the streets with ease and handle your cargo with care. With many flights into the country daily, you can rest assured that cheap parcel delivery to Pakistan is available.

Understanding Pakistan’s postal code service is a little more challenging if you are not familiar with the area. However, each area is assigned a postcode. In the Karachi area, the entire area of the Defence Housing Authority is 7550, while Karachi University is 75270. Once you’ve cracked the code, you can get parcel delivery quotes for Pakistan.

Compare parcel delivery services to Pakistan

Want to compare courier costs to Pakistan? Parcel delivery prices to Pakistan are cheaper than you’d think with fast delivery options too. UPS and Parcelforce are the primary companies that offer delivery services in Pakistan. Using a local Hermes parcelshop, you can ship your goods  with MPD International Drop-off for cheap postage to Pakistan at as little as £29.63 +VAT (prices correct as at 07/08/2015) and it will be delivered within three to five days. For a faster service, you can send via UPS for a parcel courier to Pakistan service that can arrive within two days.