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Sending parcels to China made simple

If you want to send a parcel to China, it’s couldn’t be easier. Just pop your parcel details into our quote box, watch the results come in and then choose the service that best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for the fastest delivery to China or cheap shipping costs, My Parcel Delivery are the favourites of many when posting to the Far East.

Are you sending parcels to China from the UK to customers of your super popular eBay store? Perhaps you’re sending a gift to a relative? Or sending your personal items before travelling to China yourself?

We’ll give you all the information you need to send a parcel to China. Including how much it costs, how long it takes, customs details, and all the documents you need to provide.

We’ve picked out some of the most popular services and parcel sizes from couriers including DPD, so why not take a look at some of our fantastic offers on parcel delivery to China below.

Essential information for sending parcels to China...

How long does it take to send a parcel to China?

Our fastest courier service can get your parcel delivered to China in as little as 2 working days after collection, and our cheapest courier service can get it delivered to China in 4-7 working days. However, it’s important to note that the estimated delivery times are just a guide and the actual time it will take depends on what’s in your parcel. There could be customs checks for your items, with your parcel going through different depots in different countries on its journey to China. Also, because China is such a big country, where exactly you’re sending to could make the delivery time longer.

Can I send anything in a parcel to China?

My Parcel Delivery have a helpful guide to all the restricted and prohibited items that couriers in the UK won’t accept. On top of the prohibited and restricted items list, China has some extra restrictions on what you can and can’t send. The list of items you can’t send to China include anything marked as ‘Made in China’, powdered baby milk, certain medications, and more. They also don’t allow materials that promote political opinions so always check your items are ok to send.

If you’re sending anything electronic, such as a mobile phone or laptop, the person you’re it posting to will need to provide a China Compulsory Certification from the China Inspection and Quarantine Service – however the electrical items may be exempt if they are classed as your personal effects.

The Chinese authorities regularly update their laws so the rules are subject to change. It’s worth contacting Chinese customs or HMRC who’ll have all the up to date information you’ll need before sending parcels to China from the UK.

If you're sending a parcel to China with DPD, there are also some additional restrictions, find out more on our DPD Air page.

How much does it cost to send a parcel to China?

When you want to send a parcel to China from the UK, prices start from as little as £16.99, to send 1kg parcels with DPD Air, and from £134.04 to send 30kg parcels with MPD International. Whether you’re sending books to Beijing or footy shirts to Shanghai, My Parcel Delivery offer lots of choice for cheap shipping to China.

Are there any customs charges when you send a parcel to China?

When you send a parcel to China from the UK, there are sometimes extra customs fees that need to be paid. If you’re only sending small gifts or souvenirs to China, you’ll usually be OK as long as they value less than ¥250 (about £25). Most items incur a VAT rate of 17%, but some things you send may qualify for the lower 12% band or even go through for free. As always, it’s best to check with Chinese customs and HMRC before you send.

Before you send anything, you’ll need to fill out something called a pro-forma invoice and attached this to the outside of your parcel in an envelope. This tells the Chinese customs officials what’s in your parcel and help it to fly through as quickly as possible. My Parcel Delivery supply you with all the forms whenever you book parcel delivery to China with us, to make it that little bit easier. Just make sure you print out 5 copies of your completed pro-forma invoice, pop them in an envelope and attach that to the outside of your parcel. This is so the customs officials in the UK and China can get to it easily and won’t need to open and close your parcel.

For cheap parcel delivery to China, we're cheaper than Royal Mail

Sending a parcel to China needn’t cost an arm and a leg. Here’s some of our excellent prices and the Royal Mail costs for similar services so you can see just how much cash you can save with My Parcel Delivery.

Parcel SizeServiceRoyal MailMy Parcel DeliveryWhat You Save
5 KG CHINA Tracking and Signature £110.10 £36.36 £73.74 67%
15 KG CHINA Tracking and Signature £179.10 £71.76 £107.34 60%
25 KG CHINA Tracking and Signature £245.10 £116.39 £128.71 53%

*Prices include VAT and are fully tracked. Prices correct as of 14/04/16

So, whether you have family in Tianjin or a customer in Chengdu, there is nothing to stop you sending that parcel.

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