Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Bahamas

One of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean, the Bahamas has a tourism-driven economy that continues to grow. The archipelago, east of the Florida Keys has 700 islands that boast a gorgeous climate, limestone landscapes, stunning beaches, colonial architecture and a green interior to explore. Being a former British colony, it is now a Commonwealth member and works with the UK for trade. Known for offshore finance, and having one of the largest open-registry shipping fleets, alongside exports in mineral products and rum, it works with countries around the world. Flights there take just 9 hours and 20 minutes non-stop and parcel delivery to Bahamas is cheap and growing in demand for trade and tourism. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Bahamas

The capital of Nassau houses almost three-quarters of the entire population and is the most popular destination for cheap couriers to Bahamas. Alternative cities include Lucaya, Freeport, West End, Cooper’s Town, San Andros and George Town. Aquatic transport is the easiest way to get around the islands with a plethora of harbours and marinas dotted around and generally what is used for delivery services in Bahamas. On land, the highways are usable but only half of the near 2,000 miles are paved and there are more than 60 airports. Postcodes are not needed when you send a parcel to Bahamas.

Compare parcel delivery services to Bahamas

Discover the courier costs to Bahamas by running a quote with My Parcel Delivery. The quickest option comes in the form of the MPD International Export service. With a UPS collection you can get your item there on a 2-day delivery from just £36.82 including VAT. Alternatively, you can enjoy the lower price of £29.63 including VAT by using the 3-5 day service of MPD International Drop-Off that uses your local Hermes store.  Both of these services come with the added features of a fully tracked service, SMS alerts, notification emails and £15 inclusive cover. [Prices correct as of 27/08/2015]