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How to protect you eBay Feedback

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Protect your eBay feedback and rating with a 3-step approach to parcel delivery

How can an eBay seller avoid a buyer dispute and prevent the possibility of incurring negative eBay Feedback?

As eBay is determined to give buyers confidence in shopping on its site, its Money Back Guarantee programme and Resolution Centre mean eBay shoppers with justified disputes will get their money back.

But eBay is – as its protection programme states – equally committed to buyers leaving “honest, fair, factual Feedback” to “let other members know about your experience with the seller and help keep eBay a safe place for buying and selling”.

And, as the Amazon Genius site summed up nicely in a recent report on an eBay Feedback, scores and ratings glitch, “feedback scores and ratings are the lifeblood to differentiating great sellers from bad”.

So, apart from selling great products and providing excellent service, a vital part of building and protecting your eBay business is doing everything in your power to avoid disputes and protect your Feedback and Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR).

As one of the leading parcel delivery comparison websites, we know only too well how issues relating to delivery of purchased products can provide problems for eBay sellers. The net result can affect your eBay reputation and cause unwelcome stress and hassle – which you certainly don’t need when busy running an eBay business.


Protecting yourself against parcel delivery-related problems can be helped with a simple, three-step process:

  • Think about the value and durability of the item you’re sending to the buyer
  • Understand the packaging that works best for different items
  • Know how to choose the best parcel delivery options for the customer


When thinking about the item, its value needs to influence your choice of parcel delivery methods. A low-cost delivery service option – say a 3-4 day courier service – might be OK for low value items, but next day delivery or even same day courier is a better bet for more costly goods.


It may seem obvious, but fragile items such as glass, ceramic dinner sets, figurines and ornaments are at much greater risk of arriving in pieces if the eBay seller chooses an economy delivery option that puts the goods in transit for longer. The ideal solution is to send items of this nature on a same day courier service where a dedicated driver will deliver the fragile item straight to the delivery address without stopping. Non-breakable or more durable products such as clothes, CDs and cuddly toys can be dispatched through the economy delivery process with much greater confidence.


Packaging is a game of two halves – it’s about the container you put the product in and how you stop that product moving around and risking breakages once it’s inside.

A new box (versus a used box) and intact bubble wrap should be the absolute minimum to protect the sent item. A double-walled box is even better along with foam polystyrene for higher value or more delicate goods.

For definitive advice on how to pack a parcel, please read our Packaging Do’s and Don’ts.


Sellers – are you thinking about customer choice? There is a wide variety of delivery methods and it’s worth giving customers a number of options, based on how quickly they want the parcel to arrive and the price they want to pay while ensuring the goods get there in perfect condition.

If your buyer doesn’t receive the product they’ve bought, you need a way of tracking the delivery process to find out what’s happened and to resolve the problem.

For that, there are certain services – such as parcel tracking – and optional extras including a signature at the point of delivery which can be worth the modest expense to pinpoint what’s happened to a missing parcel.

Also, sharing the parcel’s tracking number with the buyer will give the customer an additional feeling of control over the progress of their purchase’s delivery.

eBay sellers aren’t necessarily experts in selecting the right parcel delivery service (and there’s no reason why they should be!), so it’s worth picking the brains of experts who can match your delivery demands with the right delivery option before you press the button on your courier booking.

Delivery woes can be detrimental to an eBay seller’s business, but our three-step process will certainly help to minimise the risks of a dispute and protect your 100% Feedback rating.

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But if you want to ask advice on how to send your parcel and what courier company to choose, get in touch with My Parcel Delivery’s team.