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Lush rainforests, white-sand beaches, azure waters, sprawling deserts and one of the most diverse wildlife in the world – Madagascar is as exotic as its name sounds. The island country, which separated from Africa nearly 160 million years ago, is a large outdoor playground that welcomes and rewards travellers with an otherworldly experience. The majority of the country’s wildlife is exclusive to the island including 95% of its reptiles and 92% of its mammals. And, despite having a well-established agricultural and fishing industries as well as developing textile, mining and tourism industries, the country is still one of the world’s poorest. The newly elected leader in 2014 opened doors to the international community, and while there haven’t been immediate economic improvements, there is hope for strengthened relations with the EU and UK. Friendly UK- Malagasy ties were established in 1818 by British missionaries and have endured French rule, Madagascar’s independence in 1960 and more recent political turmoil. Now, with the UK back to providing aid after the coup and isolation of 2009, there have also been improvements in courier services to Madagascar.



Nearly 5,000km of beaches, rich coral reefs and a kaleidoscope of marine life surround Madagascar’s lush interior. The nation encompasses the island of Madagascar and over 250 smaller islands. It is also the fourth largest island in the world and home to 23,812,681 people. The country’s rich history and strong and distinct cultural heritage is evident in its people which have migrated from all nations surrounding the Indian Ocean. You can reach Madagascar via a two-hour flight from Tanzania, which is 12 hours from London. The country’s roadways and railways are widely underdeveloped and poorly maintained. Travel throughout the country in the rainy season is difficult, with many remote regions accessible only by plane or boat. Despite this, expert courier companies are able to navigate the country and provide reliable, fast and cheap parcel delivery services in Madagascar, especially in the densely populated capital of Antananarivo. Air and sea travel also make parcel delivery to Madagascar more efficient. The country’s postcodes consist of three digits with the first representing a province and the last two a department, for example, 101 for Antananarivo.



Madagascar’s an island brimming with diverse and untamed natural wonders, beautiful and friendly people and experiences found nowhere else on earth. While its geographic landscapes may be hard for foreigners to navigate, they provide for thrilling adventures and, when time is appropriate, possible opportunities for UK investment in infrastructure. Although the country is still waiting for improvements to its transportation, there are trusted courier companies that provide efficient and cheap courier to Madagascar. My parcel Delivery often offers the cheapest prices. The MPD International Export service offers parcel collection and two day delivery via UPS for just £36.82 including VAT. A cheaper delivery option is the MPD International Drop-Off service which starts from £29.63 for a 3-5 day service. [Prices correct as of 20/08/2015]




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