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Extremely narrow and approximately 4,300km in length, the country’s small size is more than made up for with its astonishing beauty. Chile is a small country of geographical extremes – encompassing lush tropical islands, dramatic mountain ranges, sprawling deserts and a bustling capital city – and is an adventurer’s paradise. Its vibrant culture also reflects the varying geographical regions and influences from around the world. While unassuming, Chile is one of the most developed and prosperous nations in South America.Marked by political stability, a high quality of life and friendly people, Chile is continuing to attract more travellers and expats, in addition to the already 10,800 British residents. As a founding member of the United Nations, it also has strong ties with the UK. Chile is commended for its well-developed financial market and economic structure as well as its commitment to free trade. As of 2015, the World Bank Group listed Chile as number 41 in the world for ease of doing business. Chile is the UK’s second largest export destination in South America and is home to over 100 British businesses. With many more people moving to Chile, establishing businesses and exporting goods through local partners, it’s imperative that low cost courier services to Chile remain.



With the Andes along the eastern border of Argentina and Bolivia, the Atacama Desert bordering Peru and the islands of the Pacific separating it from Australia, Chile is well situated for travelling to and conducting business with other countries. A well-developed and maintained infrastructure that includes a network of railways, roads, airports and ports has made navigating the country’s extreme climates and diverse geographical regions easier and the ability to send a parcel to Chile faster. Furthermore, Chile is seeking to improve transportation and the private partnerships available have left several opportunities for British businesses.The country’s seven-digit postal code is determined by its nine different regions. For example, the country’s capital, Santiago, has three different numbers beginning with 7, 8, and 9. Additionally, the first three digits identify a postal distribution area, while the last three represent a block face.



While Chile has always maintained strong ties with the UK, the country’s continued growth as an economic powerhouse has created a greater interest for international businesses, particularly British ones. Furthermore, as industries expand, the need for even lower parcel delivery prices to Chile increases. Among the most competitive companies for low prices and valuable service are MPD International and Parcelforce. With MPD’s International Export service, you can have your package picked up from your house and delivered within two days for just £36.82. For an even cheaper price of £29.63, you can drop off your package at a local Hermes ParcelShop and we’ll get is delivered to Chile in three to five days. [Prices correct as of 13/08/2015]




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