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In Cambodia, grandiose temples pay homage to the one of Asia’s earliest civilisations – the Khmer empire of Angkor – while the capital of Phnom Penh, once known as the “pearl of Asia,” is a chaotic and charming city offering a vibrant nightlife and eclectic dining experience. The Southeast Asian country has a wealth of natural beauty, a rich and multilayered history and a truly captivating people. Cambodians are known for their resiliency and kindness, and despite a tumultuous past, have welcomed foreign visitors sand investors with open arms. Ties with the UK were solidified in 1953 when the UK established an embassy. Since then, the two nations have fostered their relationship with similar interests in politics, human rights, health, education and trade. The UK is the fourth largest investor in Cambodia and, in 2012, trade between the two amounted to nearly £480million. The UK’s major exports include textiles, machinery and pharmaceutical products and there are over 30 UK companies operating in Cambodia. While there has been long-established parcel delivery to Cambodia, the projected increase in trade and presence of UK businesses, will help provide lower, more competitive courier services to Cambodia.



Bordered by Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and the Gulf of Thailand, Cambodia is one of Southeast Asia’s smallest countries. However, Cambodia packs a punch with its stunning natural beauty and man-made wonders. Beyond the bustling cities and mesmerizing temples lie a scenic countryside, lush jungles and idyllic beaches. Decades of conflict and civil war have severely damaged the country’s transportation system. However, courier services have expertly utilised the country’s 16 airports, as well as its roadways and navigable waterways to provide fast and reliable delivery services in Cambodia. There are also two major ports and plans to restore the Trans-Asia Railway between Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. When sending mail in Cambodia, it’s beneficial to use a postcode, as it can make for a faster delivery. Cambodia employs a five-digit code that is divided by districts. For example, codes for Phnom Penh begin with 12000, while those for Siem Reap begin with 17000.



Long-known as a destination for backpackers, Cambodia has become more mainstream and garnered the attention of all, including foreign businesses. While the ancient temples are the true draw, the scenic landscapes, friendly people and intoxicating culture make for a pleasant stay and a positive business environment. More and more companies are also developing courier services in Cambodia. However, for a delivery service you can trust My Parcel Delivery provides a range of reliable, fast and cheap courier services. For just £28.32 including VAT, a parcel will be delivered to Cambodia within three to five days using MPD’s Drop-off service. For just a fraction more in price, the MPD International export service offers a courier service which your parcel can be collected from your home or work and delivers within three days. [Prices correct as of 20/08/2015]




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