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From the Iguazú Falls and the Litoral wetlands to the arid peaks of Patagonia and the rolling hills of the Andes, to the Pampa flatlands and the Tierra del Fuego, Argentina’s stunning and varied landscapes are as diverse as its people. The rich, natural beauty of Argentina, coupled with its vibrant culture and zest for life makes it one of the top travel destinations in the world. Tourism contributes to approximately 10% of the country’s GDP. Argentina’s economy is the 25th largest in the world and the second largest in South America. Trade of Argentina’s natural resources such as agriculture, oil and gas and precious metals is also a major factor in the country’s economic growth and stability. The UK is the fourth largest export market to Argentina and there are over 100 UK businesses currently operating in Argentina. Furthermore, the country’s highly skilled labour force and European business culture is luring in even more companies. With long-lasting ties to Europe and the UK, there is a well-established courier service to Argentina, and the increase in expats and visitors is causing competitors to lower their prices.



In regards to size, Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world. With opportunities for growth in education, oil and gas, healthcare and ICT, Argentina is a highly attractive destination for UK businesses. The nation’s capital, Buenos Aires, is serviced by direct international flights and is a great starting point for travel and business to nearby countries such as Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay. In comparison to other Latin American countries, Argentina’s infrastructure system is well–developed and is comprised of extensive railway and roadway systems which are conducive to parcel delivery services in Argentina. Each municipality in Argentina utilises a four-digit postal code system, with the digit representing a region in the country. Buenos Aires is an exception and has codes starting with the number 1 and varying subsequent numbers according to the different zones. Three letters also accompany the code and correspond with a city block.



Despite the nation’s notoriously rich culture, based on fútbol, tango and sumptuous food, it is one of the more “European-like” nations in Latin America. Its businesses model, high English-speaking population, historical ties and taste for finer things intrinsically link the two. This, coupled with its pristine natural beauty makes it a highly attractive destination. And, with more Argentine tourists and expats heading to the UK and likewise, cheap parcel delivery to Argentina is becoming even more prevalent. My Parcel Delivery and Parcelforce are among the most trusted and cost-effective companies. For £29.63+VAT, the MPD International Drop-off service delivers parcels within three to five days. For just a few pounds more, the courier’s International Export service will collect a parcel from a designated location and deliver it within two days. [Prices correct as of 13/08/2015]




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