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Preloved was launched in 1998 and has grown to become one of the largest classified advertising websites in the UK.The marketplace has over 6 million registered members, with up to 500 categories to choose from for selling and buying. In 2014, Preloved saw over £1.4 billion of item value listed on the website, so what are you waiting for?.If you want to make money selling your second hand or unwanted items, without the hassle of auction websites, read our guide on how to sell on Preloved and get started today!

Place an advert

This one’s fairly easy, if you’re not a business and you’re just selling your own preloved items, then choose private. See our section on Selling on Preloved basics for more details about when to select a business advert.

Submit your application form

Choose a category most suited to the item you are selling, and following this, select a sub-category for your item.You will also need to choose what kind of advert you are posting. In this case, ‘For Sale’ would be the most appropriate choice, but there are other options for posting different types of adverts such as ‘To Rent’ ‘Wanted’ ‘Swap’ and more.

Fill out the advert details

Preloved allows you to add up to three pictures with your advert, but make sure they’re good quality and show exactly what’s for sale.For the title of your advert, try to be specific to ensure users can easily find it. The description should also be specific and include the type of information buyers might want to know such as the condition of the item, and things like the dimensions if applicable.

Choose an asking price and get it posted

You can choose to leave the asking price blank and ask buyers to make an offer, or you can enter a guide price and choose from options such as ‘Or near offer’ and ‘Or offers above’. Be specific and take the time to consider the accurate price of your item for sale.Then post your ad and you’re ready to roll!


Should I choose free or full Preloved membership?

Free membership is ideal if you want to sell only a few items and have up to three pictures for each advert. There are no listings fees, no selling fees and you can also take part in the Preloved community forums. The full membership is a good idea for people who want to buy items as well as sell on Preloved. So, if you do want to do some buying as well as selling, and want to get early access to the latest adverts on Preloved, £5 for a full year could get you some great bargains.

Is Preloved business advertising right for me?

If you’re a business, you have to upgrade to the business membership. Preloved defines a business as anyone that provides a service or buys products specifically to sell online for a profit. For example, if you are buying items to then sell online, making items to sell at a profit or selling items for others on commission. Take a look at Preloved’s guidelines on "Am I a business?" to be sure. If you’re planning on selling several items, the £20 +VAT per month and the ability to have up to 40 adverts live on the website at any one time is worth it. You’ll benefit from enhanced adverts with features including full page adverts, unlimited photos and video adverts. They offer a one month free trial for business accounts so you can try it for yourself!

What can I sell on Preloved?

What can’t you sell, more like! There are 500 categories and sub-categories to choose from, so there’s sure to be a place for you to sell your second hand and unwanted items! This includes Furniture and Fittings with sub-categories like Kitchen Furniture and Clocks; Health and Leisure with sub-categories including Home Entertainment and Books; and Computing with sub-categories such as Laptop Computers and Games and Consoles. Fill out the profile informationAdding a picture of yourself and filling out the Preloved Public Profile helps potential buyers see that you are a real person and increases trust. Adding details about your hobbies and interests can also help you strike up friendships with like-minded members.

Choose the right category

You need to make it easy for people to find your item, so make sure your ad is posted in a category that it fits well into. It’s worth doing some research to see where others have posted similar items, and you can place additional ads in other categories for free too.Pricing your items to sellBe realistic when choosing a price for your item to ensure it doesn’t discourage buyers. Review the prices of similar items on Preloved, as well as other marketplaces, and remember that you can leave the amount blank and ask members to make an offer, or choose from options such as ‘Or near offer’ and ‘Or offers above’.

Set up a PayPal account

You’ll need to set up a PayPal account to manage all payments from your customers and pay Folksy your fees. Specifically, you’ll need a Premier or Business account as this will enable you to receive payment. Folksy have created a handy guide on setting up a PayPal account to make sure you get this right.

Post a picture with your advert

You can add up to three pictures with your Preloved advert when you choose the free membership, and this is unlimited if you choose business advertising, so there really is no excuse for not adding a picture to your ad or providing different views of your item. You don’t have to be a professional photographer; you can just use the camera on your phone. Make sure your picture shows the item clearly and if possible in a natural light, with no clutter or background to distract from the item. Keep the item in focus, and be upfront about any damage to the item or wear and tear.

Write a great title and description

To help get your items found on Preloved and search engines like Google, choose a title that is concise, clear and includes keywords people would use when searching for the item. For example, ‘Cosatto To & Fro Charleston 2-way pushchair’ would stand more chance of being found than ‘Baby buggy’!There’s no word limit for your description but only include details a potential buyer would want to know. This includes features, dimensions, reasons for sale and condition. Be honest, and use keywords that buyers would use when searching for such an item.

Confirming an order and posting your items

You should post the item within 3 days of receiving an order, unless otherwise stated on your on the item listing. One posted, you should change the shipping status to “Shipped” so your buyer knows to expect their purchase.Parcel delivery costs can add up, and you want to make sure that you’re offering your customers a choice of options. To get an idea on postage costs for different items, you can easily compare courier delivery costs with My Parcel Delivery and find a service that’s convenient for you.

Think Safe Second Hand

Preloved does not process payments so it’s up to you and the buyer to decide on how to proceed with the sale. Preloved’s guide to safe second hand advises that “face to face is best” but when that isn’t possible, one other option is to use Paypal and send the item out by post when payment has been received.Remember to take postage costs into account – you can easily get prices for parcel delivery using My Parcel Delivery’s courier comparison service. Simply enter your package size and weight to get a quote.