How to post a cake

There’s plenty of reasons why you might want to send a cake via courier. Maybe you’ve baked the most scrumptious desert known to humanity, but the person you’ve made it for doesn’t live locally. Perhaps you’ve started your own local baking business and want to know the easiest way to send your cakes to your customers. Posting cakes can be tricky, as there’s no way to ensure they’ll remain upright, which can lead to some sticky situations. We’ve put together this guide to explain all this and more!

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Posting a cake

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Preparing your cake for posting

1Preparing a cake for posting

You can send food items by courier in the UK (although they're on the restricted items list - meaning you're not covered for compensation) including cakes, as long as they’re not perishable food items that need to be kept refrigerated. One of the things that makes cakes a little bit more challenging to post compared to other food items is that you can’t be sure the parcel will stay upright – even if you use a “this side up” box or write your own instructions on the box. This means icing and decorations can come out of place as your parcel gets picked up and processed at the courier sorting centre. So if you can, choose to send a non-decorated cake, so that there’s less chance of the toppings going astray on the way to its destination. The types of cake which will travel well by courier include sponge cakes and fruitcakes

To prepare a cake for shipping, start by wrapping it tightly in several layers of cling film – this preserves the freshness and helps the cake hold its shape. If it’s a cake you’ve baked yourself, be sure to let it cool down before wrapping. After your cake has been cling filmed, add another layer of protection with bubble wrap.

2Pick the right packaging for sending a cake

It’s best to choose a strong corrugated box to post your cake. You’ll need one which can fit both your cake and lots of padding around the sides, top, and bottom. Tape your bubble wrapped cake into place in the box to keep it from moving around.

If there’s any gaps in the box, place polystyrene chips (sometimes called foam/packaging peanuts) in the box under and around your cake. You can also use scrunched up newspaper if you have any lying around! Just ensure it’s tightly packed in for minimal movement during delivery.

If you’re planning to send out more than one cake, perhaps you’re starting a cake making business, or like to send out cakes regularly to friends and family, then there are also special cake holders and packaging inserts that you can buy to help keep your cakes stable inside their boxes, and these come in really handy.

Once your cake has been secured inside the box, tape the box shut carefully with packaging tape and label it as appropriate.

choose the correct packaging for your cake
measure item and get quotes

3How much does it cost to post a cake?

Now that your delicious cake is safe and sound inside the box, it’s time to whip out the old tape measure and weighing scales. When you have this info to hand, simply enter the details into the My Parcel Delivery quote form and you’ll get a list of courier delivery costs for posting your cake. It’s worth booking a Next Day delivery service for something like a cake and we recommend Parcelforce. Prices start at £13.74 (£11.45 ex VAT) and they also offer delivery on Saturday. Perfect for when you’re posting a cake as a gift.