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The UK and Uganda have strong historical relations and work together to aid development in the African country. Formerly ruled by the British, this landlocked East African nation is densely populated compared to its actual landmass. A direct flight of 8 hours is all it takes to get there from London, and reliable parcel delivery to Uganda is quite easy to find. Political problems and bad economic management means that the country is still poor despite some believing Uganda could feed the whole of Africa if it was run properly. With so many natural resources, mineral deposits and fertile land, there is investment in the country so business ties are seen. Exports come from coffee, fish, tea and more whilst there has also been a new dawn of tourism across the country. Sometimes referred to as the ‘pearl of Africa’, you can find everything the continent possesses within a trip here. Whether you want to send a parcel to Uganda for trade, expats or tourism, you can find the best prices for parcel delivery to Uganda right here.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Uganda

Covering more than 93,000 square miles, and with a population just shy of 38 million, there’s plenty going on in Uganda. The capital of Kampala has just shy of 1.4 million people, and Kira, Mbarara, Mukono, Gulu and Nansana are fairly large but elsewhere places aren’t heavily populated and the population is spread out. With so many places to connect, the country isn’t well developed in terms of highways, railways and airports but these are improving all the time and you can find still find cheap parcel delivery to Uganda. Like the majority of African countries, there are no post codes and items are usually sent to the local post office when you send a parcel to Uganda. 

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Find the cheapest courier to Uganda by getting a quote with My Parcel Delivery. To Africa, the two options you get are MPD International Drop-Off and MPD International Export. The former is the cheapest and prices start at £29.63 including VAT for delivery within a week whilst the latter is £36.82 including VAT and UPS will collect that for a faster delivery service to Uganda. Both come with features such as £15 inclusive compensation cover and a fully tracked service with notification SMS alerts and emails. See for yourself by comparing parcel delivery prices to Uganda with My Parcel Delivery. [Prices correct as of 13/08/2015]