Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Senegal

One of the most stable countries on the continent, Senegal is a West African nation with a multi-party democracy and an economy based around agriculture. The former French colony is bordered by Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and has the Atlantic Ocean lapping the western coastline. Having sent peacekeeping troops to Kosovo, DR Congo and Liberia, it is an area that works well on the international stage. Tourism – the city of Dakar is 8 hours away with a stop on a plane – is one of the major sources of income and whether it’s the vibrant capital of Dakar, colonial architecture of Saint-Louis or the beauty of the Casamance River that brings you here, it’s sure not to disappoint. With a lack of natural resources, parcel delivery to Senegal from the UK is frequently for trade in phosphates, groundnuts and fish or tourism. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Senegal

Dakar has almost 10% of the population living there, as it is home to more than 2.5 million people. Other big cities in the country include Pikine, Touba, Thiès Nones, Saint-Louis, Kaolack, Ziguinchor and Tiébo. Transport links are good by African standards and the road network is extensive, reaching every corner of the country. Alternative routes for delivery services in Senegal include the railway, waterways, ports and harbours as well as the airports (with Dakar a busy hub). When searching for the cheapest courier to Senegal, remember to keep the postcode in mind. The country uses a 5-digit system to aid in the delivery of parcels. Dakar, for example, is 12500. 

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Send a parcel to Senegal quickly and easily with My Parcel Delivery. When you run a quote, you are likely to be greeted with two different options. The MPD International Export service is the quicker of the two and offers a 2-day service, with collection of your parcel by UPS, for £36.82 including VAT. The maximum parcel size for this service is 150cm in length and 30kg in weight. Alternatively, you can enjoy a cheaper price of just £29.63 including VAT and a 3-5 day service, with a Hermes drop-off, through the MPD International Drop-Off service. Both choices come with handy features like notification emails, SMS alerts and inclusive cover. [Prices correct as at 27/08/2015]