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Australia is home to over a million British expats and Brit backpackers spend months travelling through the vast and varied cities and landscapes. So whether you’re sending parcels to a loved one or shipping something you’ve sold on eBay, we can help you pick out the best courier services to Australia from the UK.

We’ve also got all the info you need to know for sending a parcel to Australia, from the cost of sending a parcel to Australia, how long it takes to ship from the UK to AUS, plus what you can and can’t send in your parcel.

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Here are some of the most popular courier services to Australia from the UK. Or, to see all services, pop your parcel details in and compare prices.

Essential information for sending parcels to Australia

What is the cost to send a parcel to Australia?

The cost to send a parcel to Australia from the UK ranges from £16.99 to over £100, depending on how big or heavy your parcel is, or how quickly it needs to get there. Popping your parcel details into the quote tool above will gice you an accurate price for your parcel, so you can pick the right service that suits your needs.

What can you send to Australia?

In addition to the standard list of restricted and prohibited items that you can’t send by courier (in the UK or to any other country) Australia has some further restrictions.

Many of the restrictions on what you’re allowed to send to Australia have been set up to protect the agriculture, wildlife and natural habitats of the country. This means items like plants, seeds, soil, vegetables, fruit and food are not allowed.

There are also restrictions on leather products and anything else made from animal skins, ceramic products and you should make sure you don’t use any packaging which has contained food (for example, re-using egg cartons)

There’s a full list of restrictions and prohibited items over on the Australian Government Border Protection website.

How long does it take to send a parcel to Australia?

Our fastest courier service can get your parcel delivered to Australia in as little as 4 working days after collection, and our cheapest courier service to Australia can have it there in 4-7 working days.

It’s worth being aware that, as with any long distance parcel delivery, there could potentially be delays based on a number of different factors including: where in Australia your parcel is going to, the contents of your parcel and whether there are any customs fees which need to be paid first.

What are the customs charges when sending a parcel to Australia?

When you send a parcel to Australia, a pro-forma invoice is needed. This contains info for the customs agents to inspect before they allow your parcel to enter the country.

If the items in your parcel are worth under $1000 Australian Dollars, you usually don’t have to pay any customs charges. 

For items worth over $1000 Australian Dollars, the customs fees will be calculated based on what the item is and its value. The customs fees will usually need to be paid by the recipient before the item can be delivered. For more info on customs clearance and how to work out your parcel's fees, check out Australian Government Border Protection.

We provide the pro-forma invoice for you to complete when you book a courier with us to ship to Australia. Be sure to complete this fully and to list all the items in your parcel. Then print 5 copies and place them in an envelope on the outside of your parcel. 

Cheaper than Royal Mail for sending parcels to Australia

See just how much money you could save when you book a parcel delivery to Australia with My Parcel Delivery, instead of queuing up at the Post Office.

Parcel SizeServiceRoyal MailMy Parcel DeliveryWhat You Save
5 KG Tracking and Signature £110.10 £36.60 £73.50 67%
15 KG Tracking and Signature £179.10 £71.76 £107.34 60%
25 KG Tracking and Signature £245.10 £115.02 £130.08 53%

*Prices include VAT and are fully tracked. Prices correct as of 24/08/17

So, whether you have a friend in Adelaide or a new customer in New South Wales, there’s nothing to stop you sending that parcel today.  

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