Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Niue

The South Pacific island country of Niue is a small area of just 100 square miles that is an independent nation and  self-governed but classed as an Area of the Realm of New Zealand. Most of its population have emigrated to “The Rock” to start a life on New Zealand, and there are around 10 times as many Niueans living overseas as on Niue (around 20,000 to 2,000). Being some 1,500 miles from New Zealand, it is fairly isolated geographically, however there are still good links for a parcel courier to Niue. Economically, expenditure generally outweighs income thanks to a lack of industry. Tourism, handicrafts and food processing from agricultural activity tend to be the main areas of income with coconuts, passion fruit, honey, limes and yams big business. The holidaymakers generally come from New Zealand and, being 9,822 miles from the UK, British tourism is small.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Niue

Being such a small island, there are merely settlements on Niue and the capital of Alofi is home to a large portion of the 1,200 population. Other notable places include Hakupu, Avatele, Mutalau, Tuapa and Lakepa. As part of New Zealand, it uses their postal system, which is a 4-digit postcode when it comes to sending a parcel to Niue. Transport on the island is fairly basic but roads connect all of the villages and there is a ring road around the island’s coast. There is also a sea port and international airport which is where most of the goods coming into Niue enter the country.

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Despite being so far away and a tiny, poor island, delivery services in Niue are relatively quick and efficient. The MPD International Export service is the quickest way to get a parcel to the country and you get a 2-day service, with a UPS collection, for just £33.21 including VAT. Alternatively, get a cheaper deal and 3-5 day service with the MPD International Drop-Off from just £29.05 including VAT. They both come with inclusive cover, notification emails and SMS alerts. [Prices correct as at 17/09/2015]