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The tropical archipelago of New Caledonia is a true paradise. The utopian islands offer seclusion, pristine beaches and unique wildlife with modern amenities and a touch of French charm. The French overseas territory is 620 miles away from any other land and is home to the world’s largest lagoon and the second largest coral reef.  New Caledonia received its name when a British explorer who first discovered the island in 1774 likened it to Scotland. The French then took possession in 1853. Now, the territory is enjoying an increase in government responsibility and may one day gain complete independence. New Caledonia is home to about 25% of the world’s known nickel reserves. An increase in nickel prices and newly developed plants are expected to give way to greater economic growth over the next few decades. New Caledonia’s economy also depends on tourism and financial aid from France.  Additionally, food accounts for about 20% of all imports. However, with constant travel to the islands and close ties to Europe, it is fast and easy to send a parcel to New Caledonia. 

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New Caledonia is an isolated piece of France in the Pacific Ocean, but with a touch of Melanesian culture.  The nearest piece of land is Australia and France is about 16,136km away. The archipelago encompasses the main island of Grande Terre, the Loyalty Islands, the Chesterfield Islands, the Belep archipelago, the Isle of Pines and a few outlying islets. The capital of Noumea is a bustling cosmopolitan that mimics European cities with its expensive boutiques and a Chinatown. Transportation to New Caledonia is easiest by plane and, recent improvements to its main airport in Païta have enabled it to receive more air traffic. The territory also has an extensive roadway network that enables for fast parcel delivery in New Caledonia.  New Caledonia utilises a five-digit postcode system like 98814. The first two numbers, 98, indicate that it’s an overseas territory. They are followed by the number 8, which is New Caledonia’s territory number, and then two numbers representing the delivery area. 

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New Caledonia combines the best of both worlds – the unknown with the familiar. Its pristine nature treats travellers to pine tree-lined beaches, magnificent caves, whale sightings and plenty of adventure. Meanwhile, the territory’s French flair and cosmopolitan appearance provide a sense of luxury and comfort. Constant interaction between Europe and the islands has given way to well-developed courier services to New Caledonia. My Parcel Delivery consistently provides fast, reliable and cheap courier services to New Caledonia. The MPD International Drop-off service will have a parcel delivered within three to five days from just £29.63 including VAT. The MPD International Export service also offers a hassle-free parcel collection and two day delivery service from £36.82 including VAT (all prices correct on 26/8/15).