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With a population of nearly 570,000 and a total square area of 2,586km, Luxembourg is one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe. Yet, it’s also the second richest country in the world. Although much of Luxembourg was destroyed during WWII, the country recovered and rebuilt itself basing its economy on steel. Today, much of the economy stems from banking which accounts for 36% of the GDP. Its magnificent natural beauty of rolling hills, verdant valleys and scenic rivers also contributes to its high standard of living. Luxembourg’s geographic location positions the country as an ideal hub for travel and business. While the country is great for business growth, its small population requires the country to rely on cross-border workers and long-term immigrants, which make up approximately 70% of its labour force. Although France contributes the most employees, nearly 6,000 UK nationals live there. Luxembourg is also the only Grand Duchy in the world and, as a founding father of the EU and UN, it maintains a strong relationship with the UK. Since travel in and out of the country is commonplace, there have been well-established and trusted courier services to Luxembourg.  

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Transport and Courier Routes in Luxembourg

The landlocked country shares borders with Germany, Belgium and France. Plus, it is just over an hour by plane or six hours by car from London, which makes parcel delivery to Luxembourg extremely fast and efficient. Luxembourg City, the capital, represents both the old-warm charm of the country and its global modernization. The city’s Old Town charms with is cobblestone streets, elegant squares and grandiose churches, while Kirchberg’s sleek office buildings, luxury shopping centres and entertainment facilities stand as a shining example of the country’s wealth and prominence as a financial centre. Transportation in Luxembourg is made simple by well-maintained roadways and a newly renovated railway system that connects the city to the quaint, castle town of Vianden as well as to neighbouring countries. Additionally, the country’s small size makes it easy and cheap to send a parcel to Luxembourg. The postal code system consists of four numbers. The first digit represents the region, such as 1 and 2 for Luxembourg City, while the last three indicate the street.

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Since there are so many immigrants and cross-border workers accounting for Luxembourg’s workforce, there have been highly sophisticated and reliable delivery services in Luxembourg. My Parcel Delivery offers some of the cheapest prices on the market, while UPS and DPD also offer competitive services. Prices start from just £17.08+VAT (price correct at 23/02/2018).