Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Israel

As one of the most powerful and sacred nations in the world, Israel has always played a significant part in economic and social development of the world. The “very highly developed” country, according the UN, has an extremely technologically advanced market and highly skilled workforce that has helped it garner the 19th position on the UN’s Human Development Index. Since 1950, the Middle Eastern country has had a strong relationship with the UK and bilateral trade has continued to grow, with the year 2014 creating a record-high of £2.5billion. The countries’ strong relationship has also given way to a well-established, reliable and cheap parcel delivery to Israel. Israel is a wealthy land full of ancient archeological treasures, spectacular natural wonders, revered religious sites and an eclectically rich culture. As the Holy Land to Christians, Jews and Muslims, it is also a place of spiritual growth and draws in a yearly average of 180,000 British visitors. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Israel

With a relatively small border and a population of 7.3 million, the country’s recent economic growth has encouraged it to reach outside its borders and enhance trade with other markets – the UK being one of them. The increase in trade has also been assisted by a recently expanded transportation system. Within the country, the roadway system is the most efficient, thus creating cheap parcel delivery services in Israel and improved access to remote locations. There is one main airport in Israel, but the railway services are also fast and the country’s three main ports provide reliable shipping services.

The postal code system consists of a seven-digit code that is assigned based on direction from north to south. All postcodes for Jerusalem, the country’s capital, start with the number 9 despite its irrelevance to the city’s geographical location. Additionally, the postcode for Tel Aviv begins with the number 6 and mail sent to the army begins with the number 0 and does not change according to a recipient’s location.

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The strong ties between the two countries have led to and benefited from well-run courier companies that offer cheap postage services to Israel and the UK. Additionally, the competitive courier market has enabled many couriers to offer a variety of options when it comes to parcel delivery services to Israel.

My Parcel Delivery International and Parcelforce are some of the most cost-effective companies and they include full tracking services, some inclusive cover and signature-required service. For as low as £29.63, a 1kg parcel can be sent to Israel via MPD’s International Drop-off service. If price is not a concern or delivering the package fast is a priority, UPS offers two-day delivery with its International Express Saver service from just £44.56 (all prices correct on 07/08/2015).