Send a Parcel to Hungary

Find the best parcel delivery service to Hungary with My Parcel Delivery. The UK has had long-standing and strong political and economic ties with Eastern Europe’s treasured gem. For businesses, in particular, there’s an ever-increasing amount of investment and trade between the two nations through the Single Market, which has led to a growing demand for courier services to Hungary. In fact, there are nearly 52,200 Hungarians living in Britain and approximately 5,800 Britons who have emigrated to Hungary.

With more than a 1,000 natural springs, distinct cuisine, a rich and diverse cultural heritage, dedication to sports and exquisite Herendi porcelain, Hungarian’s charm has played a major role in attracting such large numbers of Britons and their business. However, it’s the thriving private sector and increases in foreign investment that has increased the need for competitive parcel delivery to Hungary.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Hungary

This land-locked country is ideally situated for international business expansion and travel, and courier costs to Hungary are low. Like Budapest, bordering countries like Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Austria, and their capitals, are also easily accessible. There’s a well-developed road, rail and water traffic network system that’s perfect for providing reliable, punctual and cheap parcel delivery to Hungary.

You can send a parcel to Hungary quickly and easily with the four-digit postcode system that’s shared among 19 counties and the capital, Budapest. The first digit refers to the region, such as the number “1” for Budapest. However, some major cities like Hatvan have their own postcode despite not being a county capital. Additionally, county capitals are identified with a postcode ending in “00,” while cities generally end with a single “0.”

Compare parcel delivery services to Hungary

Compare parcel delivery prices to find a cheap courier to Hungary now. Customers can choose from several courier services to deliver their parcels to Hungary. Some of the most widely used services include Parcelforce, DPD, MPD International and, especially for business parcel deliveries, UPS. Depending on the type of service you’re looking for, you can find either the cheapest parcel delivery service or fastest parcel delivery service right here at My Parcel Delivery – you could even choose a drop-off parcel delivery service to Hungary too.

Prices for a parcel courier to Hungary start from as little as £24.53+VAT (price correct at 23/02/2018).