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As one of the most rugged and unspoilt places on earth, Greenland offers those who venture to its icy, cold surface, unrivaled experiences filled with magnificent landscapes, dramatic fjords, beautiful wildlife and quaint villages. Greenland is the world’s largest island, the third largest country in North America and home to the world’s largest national park. The Greenland Ice Sheet, which covers approximately 80% of land, is one of only two ice sheets in the world. Despite the rough geography and harsh climate, it is still relatively easy to send a parcel to Greenland. Additionally, its population of 57,733 make it the least densely populated country in the world. While an autonomous country of Denmark, Greenland was granted self-government in 1979. Denmark still exercises control over several policies including foreign affairs and security. The country’s economy is heavily dependent on the exports of shrimp and fish. While income from resource exploration and extraction contributes, the country also receives a substantial subsidy from Denmark. 

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Located between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, Greenland boasts a beautiful and diverse geographic landscape and an even more fascinating culture. The nearest countries are Canada and Iceland. Tourism is increasingly becoming a source of economic growth for Greenland, as more cruise liners bring adventurous travellers to it shores to witness the gigantic icebergs and aurora borealis as well as the rustic traditions of seal hunting and dogsledding. Meanwhile, flights from London, via Copenhagen or Reykjavik, about take five-and-a-half hours. Nuuk is the capital, largest city and home to about a quarter of the population. All of Greenland’s towns have been developed along the ice-free coast, which despite a lack of roads, makes it easier for delivery services in Greenland, since they don’t have to cover a wide-spread population. While there are some roads in individual towns, there aren’t any in between towns. As a result, most transportation is by air and sea. Greenland’s postal code system consists of five-digit codes based on towns and municipalities. The postcode for Nuuk is 3900. 

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The contrasts of Greenland’s rugged mountains and dramatic ice sheet along with the colourful lights of the Aurora Borealis, is spectacular sight that very few are able to experience. Although the country’s a small population, it continues to draw in visitors and businesses with its majestic wildlife. While traversing the country without the presence of roads can make for an even more adventurous experience, expert and experienced courier companies are able to do so with ease and provide reliable parcel delivery to Greenland. My Parcel Delivery and Parcelforce are some of the trustworthy companies offering cheap postage to Greenland. For as low as £39.73 including VAT, the UPS International Express Saver service will deliver a parcel within two days. For a quicker parcel delivery service to Greenland, the Parcelforce Global Priority starts from just £43.16 including VAT [Prices correct as of 27/08/2015]