Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

A former French colony, the West African country of Ivory Coast was a stable country before an armed rebellion in 2002. The civil war split the nation in two and it is only now, with a political resolution potentially on the horizon, which could see the violence is ending and a return to stability. The world’s leading producer of cocoa, it is reliant on agriculture and exports other goods such as coffee, cotton, bananas, pineapples and fish, as well as some petrol. Whilst it is diversifying the economy, and tourism is growing slowly, it still needs a lot of foreign direct investment, and this makes up as much as 45% of capital in Ivorian firms. A country of possibilities now that it is heading towards economic and political stability, you can find courier costs to Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) here with My Parcel Delivery. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

To get to the largest city of Abidjan from the UK, takes a stop and almost 10 hours to cover the near 3,000 miles. Whilst it is home to more than 4.7 million people, some 20% of the overall population, it isn’t the capital of the country. In fact, the capital of Yamoussoukro is home to just around 355,573 people and not the main destination for parcel delivery to Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). Other major cities include Abobo, Bouaké, Daloa, San-Pédro, Korhogo, Man, Divo and Gagnoa. Postcodes are not used in the country and delivery services in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) use railway links, ports, airports and the more than 45,000 miles of highways to connect to all cities in the country. 

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Send a parcel to Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) now by running a quote. Our cheapest service tends to be the MPD International Drop-Off, where you can get 3-5 day delivery from just £29.63 including VAT for your item. The MPD International Export gives you the option of a 2-day delivery for a quicker service at a slightly higher price of £36.82 including VAT. Both options comes with features like inclusive cover, SMS alerts and notification emails. [Prices correct as of 27/08/2015]