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Often regarded as the best kept secret in the Pacific Ocean, the volcanic islands and atolls that make up the Cook Islands were formerly a British protectorate and thrive on tourism. The 15 islands that are scattered across more than 700,000 square miles of ocean are home to many areas that look straight from the set of Castaway. It is a true escape from the modern world, where you can enjoy dense jungle, white beaches and coral lagoons if you travel the more than 10,000 miles from the UK. Aside from the tourist sector, the Cook Islands also export tropical and citrus fruits as well as manufacturing things like clothing and handicrafts. As the economy grows slowly, and demand for cheap parcel delivery to Cook Islands rises, the future could be more prosperous but it continues to rely heavily on foreign aid, particularly from New Zealand.

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Transport and Courier Routes in Cook Islands

Covering a land area of 92.7 square miles, there are around 12,000 people living on the Cook Islands, just 10% of the amount of visitors they receive, and as many as half live in the national capital of Avarua. The majority of parcel couriers to Cook Islands deliver here but other notable areas include Amuri, Omoka, Roto and Tauhunu. Air transport connects nine of the islands and a shipping company sails to most of the areas. On the islands themselves, the roads are basic but the network connects most villages to make travel and delivery services in Cook Islands easy. Despite being a dependency of New Zealand, the country doesn’t use the 4-digit postcode system. 

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