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Cabo Verde, also known as Cape Verde, is an arrow-shaped archipelago off the coast of West Africa comprising ten volcanic islands. The beautiful and unique nation mixes stunning seascapes, rugged mountainous ranges, friendly people and a surprising western culture. The fascinating islands known for their rich culture and natural beauty have become a popular destination for sun-seeking holidaymakers. Prior to Portuguese colonization in 1460, the islands were uninhabited. In the 19th century, the nation’s supreme harbour allowed for trade and became a bustling commercial centre between Europe, Africa and South America. The country gained independence in 1975, and since then, has maintained a relatively stable democratic government. Cabo Verde’s economy is largely service-oriented with tourism, commerce, transport and public services contributing to three-fourths of the GDP. Although it does rely on foreign aid, Cabo Verde has one of the highest per capita incomes of most African nations. Its expatriate population, which includes roughly 60 British, is greater than its domestic population. Since 2007, it has enjoyed a special partnership with EU. As a result of its close ties to Europe, there are reputable courier companies and cheap parcel delivery to Cabo Verde.

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Cabo Verde is scattered throughout the central Atlantic Ocean and encompasses an area of roughly 4,000sqkm. Cabo Verde is approximately 570 km away from Africa’s western coast. Nearby countries include Senegal and Mauritania. Flights are about six hours from London to the Capital city of Praia which is located on the island of Sao Tiago. Meanwhile, Mindelo is the second largest city and located on the northern island of São Vicente. It’s also more reminiscent of Europe.  Travel to Cabo Verde is easiest by plane. Planes and ferries also offer transportation between islands. On land, most of the country’s roads are paved in cobblestones and makes delivery services in Cabo Verde fast. Postal codes in Cabo Verde consist of four digits. The first two represent the county or município. For Praia, all postcodes begin with 74. 

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Volcanic landscapes, mountain villages, vast beaches and a unique style that combines African and European cultures. Cabo Verde is a gem off the coast of Africa and an increasing number of tourists are discovering its treasures. The country’s strategic location and access to major world-shipping routes has given way to well-established intercontinental ties. As a result, there are cheap courier services to Cabo Verde. While it is easy to find cheap postage to Cabo Verde, there are some companies that offer more reliable service than others. My Parcel Delivery and Parcelforce are among them. For just £29.63 including VAT, MPD’s International Drop-off service will deliver parcel within three to five days. Meanwhile, its collection service costs just a few pounds extra. Alternatively, Parcelforce’s Global Priority service starts from £43.16 including VAT [Prices correct as of 27/08/2015]