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Glistening aquamarine waters, white sand beaches, intoxicating music and spellbinding cuisine make up this peaceful escape in the Caribbean. A British overseas territory, Anguilla is a well-known luxury destination for sun, sand and sea holidaymakers. However, unlike many of its neighbouring islands, the country retains its rustic charm and appeal. Anguilla’s name is derived from the Latin word for eel, because it has a long, narrow shape that is reminiscent of an eel and encompasses an area of 91sqkm. Anguilla was colonised by English settlers from Saint Kitts in 1650 and, was at one point, looped into a single British dependency with Saint Kitts and Nevis. The territory consists of the main island as well as several smaller islands and cays that are not permanently inhabited. Anguilla has a few natural resources, but its economy depends primarily on luxury tourism, lobster fishing, offshore banking and remittances. A recent increase in tourism has contributed to great economic growth. The sector is expected to continue generating revenue in future years. With long and close ties to the UK, courier services to Anguilla are well-developed. 

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Anguilla is world-renowned for its stunning beaches and ecologically important coral reefs which make for spectacular dive sites. It is the northernmost islands of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles and its neighbouring countries include Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Saint Martin. Anguilla is home to approximately 16,418 people, most of which live in the capital city of The Valley.  Most of the other small islands and cays are uninhabited. Airports, roadways and waterways make up the transportation infrastructure. The territory is served by the international airport, near The Valley. There is also regular ferry service from Saint Martin to Anguilla and major sea ports which include Blowing Point and Road Bay. On land, cars provide the main means of transportation, and the well-maintained roads make for efficient parcel delivery services in Anguilla. Since 2007, the entire territory has utilised the postcode of AI-2640. 

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A vibrant local music scene, cuisine influenced by the African, Caribbean, French, Spanish and English and spectacular views make Anguilla an electrifying tropical paradise. Although it relies heavily on tourism, the British overseas territory has been able to balance new resorts and tourist developments while maintaining its charm and authenticity. Regular communication with the UK has made it relatively easy and cheap to send a parcel to Anguilla. My Parcel Delivery consistently offers reliable services and cheap postage to Anguilla. MPD’s International Export service makes it possible to send a parcel within two days from just £36.82 including VAT. Three to five day delivery and drop-off service costs even less. [Prices correct as of 03/09/2015]