Parcel Delivery and Courier Services to American Samoa

Covering just 76.8 square miles across its five islands and two atolls, American Samoa is a small US territory found in the South Pacific Ocean. Some 9,807 miles from the UK, it is distant but easily reachable if you want to send a parcel to American Samoa. The population of around 55,000 rely strongly on tuna fishing and processing as it employs around 80% of the workforce and exports of canned tuna account for as much as 90% of the country’s income. Due to its remote location, it is a little limited in the amount of trade it can do, and there are natural dangers too with tsunamis and earthquakes, which has led to relief aid from the US. Tourism is a sector that continues to grow in the country with Asian and Australian visitors to the country. An underrated destination, there are virgin landscapes to explore, peaceful bays to relax at and beautiful reefs for snorkelling. 

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Transport and Courier Routes in American Samoa

Pago Pago is the territorial capital of American Samoa although the village of Tafuna is almost three times as large in terms of population. Other notable locations for cheap postage to American Samoa include Leone, Faleniu, Aūa, Mapusagafou and Fagatogo. Postcodes aren’t used here but places are well connected with ports around the islands, more than 100 miles of road network and three airports – including an international. 

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Send a parcel to American Samoa quickly and cost effectively by finding the best price with My Parcel Delivery. You will generally be offered two different options: MPD International Export and MPD International Drop-Off. The latter is the cheaper delivery option, with a 3-5 day service and local Hermes drop-off from £29.63 including VAT while the former comes in at a starting price of £36.82 including VAT but with that you get a UPS collection and a 2-day delivery service. Both come with inclusive cover, notification emails and SMS alerts. [Prices correct as of 03/09/2015]