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Stunning beaches, majestic, rolling mountains, quaint villages, a vibrant city centre, a rich history and colourful culture – Albania is an unexpected and welcomed treasure in Southeastern Europe. The country has undergone a succession of leaders including the Ottoman Empire, Italy, Germany and then communist partisans. With the fall of communism in 1991, the nation moved towards a multiparty democracy. Now, after nearly a quarter of a century, the developing country has embraced an open-market economy. It is even an official candidate for the European Union. The country’s biggest attraction is its beautiful Adriatic coastline, which helped bring in just under three million tourists in 2013 and accounted for 16.7% of the GDP. With greater international interests and investments to improve infrastructure and tourism, and as a result, courier services to Albania, the country is positioned to be one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in Europe. While more in-depth structural programmes to diversify the economy and improve the labour market are essential to the country’s continued growth, the country is on the right track. 

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Albania is bordered by Montenegro, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia and Greece. It is also less than 72 km from Italy and has coastlines along the Adriatic and Ionian seas. The country’s capital and cultural hub, Tirana, is an eclectic and enticing mix of vibrant colours, varying architectural styles and bustling streets. It is also a primary destination for businesses and tourists. While infrastructure, and in particular, transportation, is significantly lacking, great efforts to improve transportation are underway. In 2013, the nation’s first international highway opened and improvements to air and railway travel have been contributing to an increase in foreign investments, tourism and parcel delivery services to Albania. The nation’s postal code is based on four digits, with the first two representing an administrative branch and the second two, the servicing postal office.

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An over-100-year tie between the UK and Albania has given way to a strong relationship built on trust, friendship and shared interests. The UK is among many nations committed to fostering the economic development of the country. As more investors and businesses establish roots in the country, cheap parcel delivery to Albania will become even more accessible. As of right now, My Parcel Delivery’s MPD International service and Parcelforce are among the cheapest and most trusted companies. MPD International offers prices as low as £23.49 including VAT to deliver parcels within 3-5 days with its International Drop-off service. For a more convenient and fast service, the MDP International Export courier service offers a collection service and 2-day delivery for £30.68+VAT. [Prices correct as of 13/08/2015]