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Online marketplaces or your own online store - where to set up shop?

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Last year the first ever eBay “rich list” was published – a list of 30 UK eBay businesses with sellers raking in up to £17 million a year. There are many more online marketplace success stories and eBay is the first choice for many people when setting up their new business. However, it’s not the only choice and with eBay regularly updating its policies, you may find that hosting your ecommerce store on your own website is a better option.

Our new ebook looks at the differences between setting up shop in an online marketplace like eBay, Amazon or Etsy, compared to launching your own independent ecommerce store.

The marketplace vs ecommerce site ebook looks at:

  • How much it costs to sell
  • Rules and restrictions
  • Personalisation and building a brand
  • Tips for making the best of both channels

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