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5 tips for sending a parcel to China

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Have you ever wondered how simple it is to send something to China from good ol’ Blighty? Maybe you’ve got family out there working in the ever-growing English teaching profession, and you’re planning on posting them something to remind them of home. What can you send? What can’t you send? My Parcel Delivery are here to answer all those questions and help you easily send that parcel to China. China is a massive country, with a land space of over 9,500,000 km squared, and there’s lot of choice when it comes to finding a courier to China including UPS and DPD.


1) Make sure your item can be posted to China

The first thing we recommend before packaging your parcel ready for sending to China is to make sure it is safe to send. As well as the things that usually can’t be sent abroad such as meat and animal products, Chinese customs also don’t allow you to send items such as DVDs, and anything that criticises the state, for political reasons. They also forbid anything labelled ‘Made in China’. Interestingly, China’s postal rules do allow you to send live cats and dogs – however I’m afraid UK laws don’t allow you to post your precious pets!

We also have a handy restricted and prohibited list, so you know in advance what UK couriers won’t handle. However, it’s also important to have a glance at the English language version of the Chinese customs website so that you know if you can send your parcel to the People's Republic of China.


2) Check beforehand about any extra tax charges and customs fees for sending to China

Like the majority of countries China also has rules on the import of items, and whether certain extra charges may apply. There are a couple of factors, aside from restrictions/prohibitions, that may affect your parcel’s contents in regards to import and tax rules. For personal effects (a gift from one person to another for example), as long as the value of your parcel is below ¥800 (roughly £80) you won’t be liable for any further fees. If it is above this figure, you’ll be liable for import fees.

For further detail about what extra charges you might have to pay, have a look at the Chinese customs website.


3) Pack your items appropriately for their trip to China

When you post a parcel to China, it’s not the same as sending it to Cleethorpes! China is 3,600 miles away from the UK at its westernmost city of Kashgar, and a whopping 5,600 miles away in the eastern city of Shanghai. That means on the way, your parcel could travel by land, air or sea and go through a lot of depots and sorting facilities on its way. So it’s recommended that you use a strong box for your package, don’t overfill and invest in some good internal packaging too. Check out My Parcel Delivery’s packaging guidelines for more detailed advice.


4) Labelling your parcel for shipment to China

Before you send your parcel off to the Republic of China, you are required you to fill out a pro-forma invoice – which is a document listing all the items in your parcel. My Parcel Delivery supply these for free, and they’re required so the Chinese authorities know what it is that you’re sending. You’ll need to print out and put 5 separate copies of this form into an envelope and attach it to the outside of your parcel. This is so the Chinese customs officers can access the papers easily and won’t need to open your package to individually check what’s in your parcel.


5) Find the fastest  and cheapest way to send a parcel to China

My Parcel Delivery have a 5 different options for you to choose from to post your parcel to China using a variety of different couriers. Whether you’re posting to Xinjiang or Shandong, we’ll have something to match your requirements. Our quickest parcel delivery service to China is the UPS International Saver which will have your parcel there two days after collection, which starts from as little as £35.93 and is fully tracked.


Follow these tips and you’ll find it’s super-simple to send a parcel to China with My Parcel Delivery.