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How to post a bike

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Here at My Parcel Delivery, we make sending simple by offering our customers a choice of courier services to post all sorts of items. We also have some great advice guides and tips for ensuring your parcel arrives safely – check out our packaging guidelines as a start. Today we wanted to share some specific advice for posting a bike.

There are a number of reasons why you’d want to send a bike by post, whether it’s a bike which your child has outgrown and you’ve sold on ebay, a bike you’re sending back to an online store, or even a bike you’re shipping abroad for a cycling holiday.

Sending a bike by courier – take it apart first

To make sure your bike arrives at its destination safely, there are a few parts which need to be removed and given extra protection.

  • Remove wheels and pedals from the bike frame and wrap separately in bubble wrap.
  • Place a sheet of thick cardboard between the wheels and wrap these in bubble wrap.


Be generous with the bubble wrap for your bike

Bubble wrap offers and extra layer of protection for your bike in transit and so make sure the whole bike is wrapped in bubble wrap – a minimum of 5cm in recommended.

Box up your bike

Once your bike and all the separate parts have been bubble wrapped, you’ll need to place them in a large, strong, cardboard box. If you have the original box the bike came in, this is perfect, however if you don’t have this available then it’s worth asking at your local bike shops if they have any spare boxes.

  • Use polystyrene blocks to ensure the bicycle will not move in the box during transit.

Once your bike is taken apart, bubble wrapped and secured in a strong cardboard box, it’s time to get your measuring tape and scales out so you can determine the exact weight and size of your parcel to get a delivery quote.

Be as accurate as you can when entering your parcel dimensions and weight, as if the parcel is larger than stated, you could be charged additional fees, and we wouldn’t want that.

For even more protection when posting a bike, Bikeradar wrote an article about take your bike to the Alps, including tips for packaging up your bike to get it safely checked onto a plane, read the article here: How to make the most of a trip to the Alps.

If you’re still in need of some advice on the best option for posting a bicycle, our customer service team are on hand to help, get in touch now.

Photo Credit M E MCCarron via Flickr