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Top tips for sending next day delivery

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If you have an urgent parcel to send, next day delivery is a luxury that you can enjoy without spending a packet, with services starting from as little as £6.99+VAT.

Whether it’s a last-minute gift for a loved one, an item you’re returning to a store, or a parcel for a customer, there’s a few things you should keep in mind if you’re planning a next day parcel delivery.

Get your parcel size and weight just right

The first thing you need to know to book a next day parcel delivery is the weight and size of your parcel. Each courier has different limits on the size and weight of parcel they can accept. If your parcel is too big for the service you’ve booked, then it could delay delivery and you could be faced with extra charges.

When you compare parcel delivery prices with My Parcel Delivery, we ask you to enter the dimensions and weight of your parcel and the search results will show you suitable next day delivery couriers. You can also view some of the maximum weights and dimensions for popular couriers on our large parcel delivery page.

Make sure your items are safe to send

Some items can’t be sent via courier, such as perishable food items, fireworks and animal furs. See the full list of items here – prohibited and restricted items. Check the list to make sure your parcel is safe to send before booking a delivery.

Package up your parcel for next day delivery

Strong parcel packaging is important for using any courier service, but it’s even more important when you’re sending something on a next day delivery service. If your packaging isn’t strong enough, and the parcel opens up before it’s reached the receiver, this can cause delays in delivery and even result in the package being returned to you.

Here’s our guide to packaging your parcel.

Check the delivery address

Another potential cause for delays in next day delivery services is an incorrect address. It’s worth double-checking the delivery address when you book your parcel delivery, in particular the postcode.

You should also make sure you include your return address on the parcel, and when booking your delivery include your telephone number and a telephone number for the receiver. So if there is an error with the address, you can be contacted to clarify.

Using a collection courier service

If you’ve booked a next day delivery service where the courier will collect the parcel from your address, make sure you choose a collection day when you’ll be at the address all day. Your parcel collection could be as early as 8am and as late as 8pm. If you miss the collection, because you’re not in, this could delay your parcel delivery so it won’t arrive next day.

Each courier service has different cut-off times for when your parcel can be collected. When you compare delivery quotes with My Parcel Delivery we’ll show you the earliest collection date for your parcel. As a general guide, the earlier you book, the earlier your parcel can be collected.

Drop-off next day delivery services

For anyone who can’t wait in for their parcel to be collected, you have the option to use a drop-off delivery service, where you can drop the parcel off at a local point. Each drop-off point will have their own timings for the couriers to pick up the parcels, but in general, the earlier you drop the parcel off, the earlier it will be picked up, processed and delivered.

Use a timed service for urgent next day deliveries

Parcelforce offer three different courier services which will have your parcel delivered by a certain time the next day, which is great for any urgent parcels. Choose to have it delivered by 12 noon, 10am or 9am and they even offer a service to have your parcel delivered on a Saturday. Find out more about Parcelforce’s delivery services.

Now you’re in the know about next day delivery services, visit our next day parcel delivery page to see our top 4 next day delivery services and to get a quote for sending your parcel next day.

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