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The importance of authenticity in business

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Authenticity in business is a fairly new consideration but it could help you raise your business head and shoulders above the competition. Trust in businesses has been in decline over the past few decades partly due to media savvy surfers being quick to write-off product features as marketing ploys designed to separate them with their hard earned money.


The internet has become an enormous peer network, where reputation is king and customer critiques have empowered the purchaser to have their voice heard. Beyond product, price and quality, customers want to feel they can trust the company they choose and it’s our job to make sure they can.


Our friends over at Authenticity Rules, a website devoted to this very subject, asked why I have built authenticity into my customer service strategy, and what areas in particular I focus on. It’s important to understand that how we remain authentic is not difficult, but the strategy needs to run through every part of the business at all times.


My five top tips to be authentic is…

  1. Listen to your customers
  2. Make a promise and stick to it
  3. Share your policies
  4. Let personalities shine through
  5. Take some time out


You can hear more about my thinking on each point on the Authenticity Rules website. We hope you agree that we are standing above our competitors by doing all five of these (this blog is a perfect example of point 3!)