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What we hope from this budget

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I always await the chancellor’s budget with excitement and nervousness in equal measures. As managing director of My Parcel Delivery, the decisions made by George Osbourne impact us in hundreds of different ways. By making changes to tax levels, in addition to the introduction and withdrawal of community and business projects, what is decided on the 18th March 2015 can help make (or break!) a business.


With less than 24 hours before the budget's revealed, I’ve put pen to paper to highlight what I am hoping to hear.

  • A reduction in the speed at which HMRC can collect tax to help with budgeting and cash flow within businesses
  • More initiatives to help SME's thrive, giving them the chance to take that next step in their business
  • Support for SMEs through the reduction of business rates, enabling reinvestment for enhanced growth
  • A push for higher employment levels through job creation incentives benefiting businesses and workers alike
  • The enhancement and expansion of business schemes including the current RnD tax credits scheme, aimed at encouraging innovation


Most of all, I join the rest of the UK is wanting to see a bigger crackdown on those big multi-nationals who are avoiding paying tax. If they were to pay their fair share, there would be enough in the pot to help SME’s flourish.


There's not long to wait now – let’s see what we are facing for the next year!