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Delivery delays in France and Kent

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We’ve all seen the long lines of Lorries stuck in Kent due to the industrial action which is still going strong in the port of Calais. It has turned the M20 into a virtual car park and this is causing a few issues so we want to keep you in the loop


  • Operation Stack is in effect in Kent
  • 23 miles of the motorway is a standstill of lorries
  • The bulk of cross channel ferries are not running
  • Issues are also being seen on the Channel Tunnel due to the increased volume
  • All services by road to France are being effected, with some being redirected through Belgium where possible
  • Deliveries to Kent are also seeing an effect with delays effecting postcode CT, ME and TN.


We’re sorry for any inconvenience this is causing and really appreciate your patience at this tricky time.