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Parcel delivery to Switzerland


Get parcel delivery prices to Switzerland easily with help from My Parcel Delivery. With its rolling hillsides, snow-capped mountains and crystal blue lakes, Switzerland is without a doubt, a magnificent country to live in and visit. However, the leading nation has much more to offer than its perennial natural beauty – such as its deep-rooted culture, finance and specialist industries as well as an overall high quality of life. The country has also had a long-standing and close economic tie with the UK, which makes for cheap parcel delivery to Switzerland. In 2013, the UK became Switzerland’s eighth largest source of imports. Switzerland is also the UK’s second largest non-European Union market, and as a result, courier services to Switzerland are well developed, easy to use and reasonably priced. Whether sending a care package to a loved one in Geneva, the “Capital of Peace,” or a parcel to a friend in Jungfrau, the “top of Europe,” the parcel is guaranteed to get there fast and in excellent condition with a one of the courier services available to Switzerland.



Navigating the majestic Swiss landscape may appear to be a challenge for those who are new to the area, however, the well-developed infrastructures make the country accessible and delivery services in Switzerland are quick and easy. The travel time from London to Zürich is about an hour and 30 minutes by plane. Train travel is also a highly popular and efficient option, especially with opportunities to stop by the neighbouring countries of France, Italy, Austria and Germany.When using a parcel courier to Switzerland, it is beneficial to know the postcode system. The postal codes are divided into nine regions that are based on the geography from east to west. They also correspond with car and railway routes. The codes consist of four digits, with the first one referencing the region, such as “1” for Lausanne. When traveling, the first digit also serves as an indication of the language spoken in that particular region. For example, German is spoken in almost all nine regions except Lausanne, which is French and Ticino (6500-6900), which is Italian. Run your search now to find the cheapest courier to Switzerland.



Ready to compare parcel delivery services to Switzerland? There are multiple companies that offer parcel postage to Switzerland. Some of the prime options for cheap courier costs to Switzerland include UPS and My Parcel Delivery International. The MPD International service in particular is often the cheapest and most efficient for customers since it uses a combination of economy couriers. Each courier service caters to customers’ hectic schedules and varying needs. In addition to drop-off services, you can arrange for a hassle-free pick up from your house. Whether it’s more important to have your parcel delivered as fast as possible or to have a more cost-effective delivery, you’ll find a quote to suit your needs here at My Parcel Delivery. Our lowest price service, the MPD International Drop Off can send a parcel to Switzerland within 7 days for just £23.49, or for a speedier service, the MPD International Export service can have your parcel delivered even sooner for days for £30.76 including VAT (prices correct as at 07/08/2015).




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