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While relatively low on travellers’ and even Europeans’ radar, Moldova is a delightful surprise for those who venture to the landlocked country. Its authentic charm, warm and charismatic people, strong traditions, bucolic countryside and dense forests are what make it a splendid destination. The Eastern European country also produces exceptional wines that enhance its remarkable food scene. Agriculture is one of the greatest contributors to the economy, as too is the service industry. However, many Moldovans rely on remittances from relatives that work in the EU. The nation gained independence from the USSR in 1991, and while the country has seen significant progress in recent years, it remains one of the poorest in Europe. Goals to be integrated into the EU have helped open its markets and ties with the UK, which have also led to well-developed courier services to Moldova. The country relies heavily on imports – they totalled £1.65 billion in 2013 – and more than half of its trade is with the EU.



Moldova encompasses a small area of approximately 32,891sqkm. While it is lodged between Romania and Ukraine, nearly two-thirds of its 3,546,847 people are of Romanian descent. The quirky, capital city of Chi_in_u is the political and social epicentre of the country and offers an array of fine dining establishments and attractions. Across the Dniester River to the east, is the Moldovan territory of Trans-Dniester that is controlled by Pro-Russian Separatists. Although it declared independence in 1991, the action has not been officially recognized. The country’s trade depends on railway and roadway networks – both of which are in decent condition. The roads also account for most of the in-country transportation which is conducive to fast parcel delivery in Moldova. The UK has also helped improve the country’s transportation infrastructure and is only a 3-hour flight away. Moldova’s postal code system is alphanumeric with the letters MD followed by a dash and then 4 digits that correspond with a postal zone, an administrative unit and districts or streets.



Despite having some of the least desirable superlatives – poorest country in Europe and the least visited country in Europe – Moldova lures in visitors with those exact same attributes. Moldova, compared to other countries, is not overrun with tourists and the addition of its stunning natural beauty, rich cuisine and welcoming locals creates an enriching and memorable experience. As the country markets toward tourists, more opportunities for UK business are arising. Additionally, improved trade relations with the EU and UK have opened the doors for low cost parcel delivery prices to Moldova. Parcelforce is among one of the companies offering reliable service and cheap postage to Moldova. Its Global Priority service cost from £43.16 including VAT and can deliver your parcel to Moldova within 5 days. [Prices correct as of 20/08/2015]




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