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Haiti entices with its verdant mountains, palm-fringed, white sand beaches and vibrant culture with prominent African roots. The small country takes up about three-eighths of the island of Hispaniola. It was originally inhabited by the Taíno people. However, they were wiped out within 25 years after Christopher Columbus founded the island in 1492 while traversing the Atlantic. The French then established a presence in the 17th century, and in 1697, Spain ceded to the French the western third of the island – what is now known as Haiti. The country eventually declared independence in 1804. For years, the country has been plagued by poverty and political instability. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck in 2010 caused even further damage, killing thousands and leaving 1.5 million people homeless. However, the people’s resiliency and zest for life trumps the country’s past. Recent years have been focused on the recovery and rebuilding efforts. The UK has contributed significantly to the recovery of Haiti and continues to provide support. The country’s economy is based primarily on remittances, which account for one-fifth of GDP. The need for international economic assistance, has given way to a reliable courier services to Haiti.



Haiti is located in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean. The small country of Haiti shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. It is third most populous country in Caribbean with a population of approximately 10,110,019. Major efforts have been underway to reconstruct the nation after the devastating earthquake and promote the country as a rewarding tourist destination. Tourism developments are primarily concentrated along the southern coast, however, the government is working to improve access to the north. A new international airport now exists in the north and makes parcel delivery to Haiti more efficient. There are also two main highways that extend the entire length of the country. Additionally, Port-au-Prince serves as a major shipping port, while the port at Saint-Marc receives the majority of consumer goods.



Haiti still has a long way to go before it can recover from previous damage, among the necessary changes are improvements to its economy and the well-being of its people. However, the country’s vibrant people and sense of resolve serve as a testament to the beauty and charm of the island. As the island receives more foreign travllers and international investment, it will be able to shine as a superb holiday destination. While roads and ports were damaged during the earthquake, many are back up and running and capable of handling large volumes of parcel delivery services in Haiti. My Parcel Delivery offers low courier costs to Haiti and reliable service. MPD’s International Drop-off service costs from just £29.05 including VAT for three to five day delivery. Two-day delivery through the MPD International Export service is also available from £33.21 including VAT. [Prices correct as of 03/09/2015]




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