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For years, Egypt has been enticing visitors with its unmatched beauty, historical landmarks, rich culture and a lust for life. Having emerged from the Nile Valley in 1,300 BC, Egypt is considered to be home of the world’s oldest civilization. The Nile River is the longest river in the world and is essential to the growth and maintenance of the country’s land and economy. Despite being man made, the Suez Canal has also greatly contributed to Egypt’s wealth. Its completion in 1869 solidified Egypt’s role as a global transportation hub and continues to bring in a massive annual average of £3.52 billion in shipping tolls alone. Throughout its existence, Egypt has undergone a succession of leaders, including the UK, from which it gained independence in 1952. Since then, the bilateral relation has remained strong with shared interests in politics, trade, education and defence. In 2013/14, Britain was the source of almost 50% of all foreign investment in Egypt. With the largest growing population in the Arab world, an increasing number of British residents (14,000) and over one billion tourists annually, the demand for international business in Egypt is increasing, as too is the need for parcel delivery to Egypt.



Egypt spans the southwest corner of Asia and northeast corner of Africa. Its access to the Mediterranean and Red seas makes trade and travel to other prosperous countries such as Israel, Libya and Sudan easy. Egypt’s waterways have long been the lifeblood of the country – providing agricultural sustenance and allowing for the trade of goods, technology and cultures. While air travel is the fastest, the canal remains a prominent fixture in world trade. In 2014, a £5.5 billion project began to deepen the canal and create a 35km lane off-branch with hopes to double the canal’s revenue by 2023. The county’s road and rail networks are also improving which is crucial to delivery services in Egypt.The country’s postal code system follows a five-digit code, with the first representing the region; the second, the province; the third, the type of service; and the last two, the post office. All codes in Cairo begin with the number 1, while the Suez region starts with 4 and Alexandria begins with 2.



While the British government was initially strongly opposed to the construction of the Suez Canal, it proved to be a valuable investment that enhanced the UK’s ability to transport oil from the Persian Gulf. Since then, ties between the two countries have allowed for more educational and cultural exchange programs, investments to develop Egypt’s labour force, and the establishment of British businesses – all of which contribute to the need for cheap courier costs to Egypt. Some of the most popular and cost-effective companies include MPD International and Parcelforce. Both offer inclusive cover, notification emails and signatures. For just £29.63, MPD‘s international Drop-off service provides 3 to 5-day, fully tracked service. But if you’re in a hurry, you can have your parcel delivered to Egypt even faster with the MPD International Export service with courier prices starting at only £36.82 [Prices correct as of 13/08/2015]




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