Update: Delivery by Drone


Many months ago we shared with you Amazon's plans to test parcel delivery by drone. Back in June, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) put a stop to its when they ruled that Amazon, and other firms, could not use drones to deliver packages. The ruling stated that it is barring the 'Delivering of packages to people for a fee' which also includes free delivery in association to a purchase. At the time the FAA agreed to revisit the ruling later this year and that is exactly what they have done.In the past few days, the FAA granted a license to Amazon to begin testing their unmanned drones in the USA. They are now one step closer to making their dream a reality, something many didn't believe as they wrote off their previous announcement as a PR stunt.But what does this mean for Amazon's customers? At the moment not very much. There will be months of testing needed before the FAA will allow drones to begin delivering to actual customers. That said, if the trial proves to be a success and full permission is granted by the FAA, you could have your parcels delivered in as little as 30 minutes with the Amazon PrimeAir service.Only time will tell if drone deliveries will be a success. But one thing's for sure, there are plenty more companies than Amazon in the race to launch a delivery by drone service to their time-sensitive prospective customers.

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