The seven habits of highly effective present wrappers


Christmas is almost upon us and the pressure is on to get those presents and parcels out of the door. If you’re struggling to summon the motivation to start/finish (delete as appropriate) your gift wrapping, take a look at these habits from the world’s most successful present wrappers. Let these champions of Christmas inspire you to finally sort out the accumulating pile of gifts on the kitchen table.

1. Get up an hour early

Successful present wrappers make the most of the day. While you’re happily dozing through the Shipping Forecast, these go-getters are wide awake and ready to face whatever present-wrapping challenges the day might throw at them. Think of how many more presents you could wrap with an extra three hours in the day? Research has also shown that those early risers are not just more productive, but also lose the end of the Sellotape less.

2. Have a good breakfast

Successful present wrappers always eat breakfast. It’s important to fuel your body for the graft of present wrapping ahead. Do not clear the presents off the table in order to eat breakfast there though. You’ll forget who gets what.

3. Visualise success

Successful wrappers visualise their goal. Picture a beautiful pile of wrapped presents. Think about how people will appreciate the effort that went into wrapping their gift as they wildly tear into the paper on the morning of the 25 December. You’ll be the MVP of Christmas.  

4. Exercise

It’s important to exercise and successful present wrappers run, swim or hit the gym in order to give themselves a boost before a big day. Just five minutes of activity – like wandering around trying to find out where the scissors went– will give you a great shot of endorphins and leave you buzzing for the wrapping ahead.

5. Get organised

Successful present wrappers make it look effortlessly easy. What they don’t want you to know is that their secret weapon is organisation; making sure they’ve got enough paper, tape and bubble wrap (for those presents set for delivery) before they start work. But if they catch you, you didn’t hear this from us.

6. Get the big jobs out of the way first

Morning wrappers tackle the biggest projects first. You’ve got more energy at the start of the day, so make sure you wrap your largest presents while the morning is still young. Another top tip: If you’re sending something big through the post, take a look at our guide to measuring and weighing. You can thank us later.

7. Don’t be afraid of setbacks

We all experience setbacks in our life. Successful present wrappers don’t let a parcel fail ruin their day; these go-getters know that they’ll live to wrap another present. After all, it’s not like Christmas only happens once a year.

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