The City Link effect


Since City Link went into Administration over Christmas this year, speculation has been been rife about why it happened and how we can help make sure that it doesn't happen to others in the industry. I've been contacted many times for my views which I wanted to share with you.Fourth SourceHere I talk about why ecommerce businesses should choose their parcel delivery partners carefully after City Link's collapse, to ensure a reliable and long-lasting business relationship.eDelivery.netNew industry website asked for my opinion on the City Link collapse too. I cautioned against parcel courier services getting locked into a price-drive race to the bottom.The Sunday PostI also featured in The Sunday Post (both in the paper itself and online) as an industry expert and talked about how consumer expectations around home delivery have increased in recent years.There is plenty to say about what happened with City Link - and it's great to share it with my customers. I'll be sure to keep you in the loop going forward too!

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