Practice safe sending this Valentine's Day


If you're one of the many businesses expecting a busy period leading up to February 14 th , there's no need to get yourself all tied up when it comes to parcel delivery. It can be a stressful time if you haven't prepared well, but don't panic, we've pulled together our guidelines to making Valentine's Day as straightforward as possible.Sender discretion advisedUsing your own branding on your parcels is great for raising awareness. But, if you're sending your customer something they may want to keep a secret, it's best to use unmarked packaging. By being as inconspicuous as possible, you'll offer a much more discreet service and won't ruin any surprises. If you're able to, consider adding a delivery option at checkout so that the customer can select whether the delivery needs to be subtle.All shapes and sizesIt's not just packages that come in all shapes and sizes (wink, wink). Once you've found a suitable box to put your goods in, your parcels are likely to be a variety of dimensions too. Hey, we all know girth can vary. Just remember, to avoid incurring additional charges from the courier, provide an accurate weight and measurement when sending your parcel. Luckily, we've got a guide to weighing and measuring here that can help you get those estimates right.It's what's inside that countsThere's likely to be all sorts of odd shaped items being shipped around this Valentine's Day and many businesses will want to use attractive packaging such as material and bows. However, it's important to send your item in a cardboard box as any fancy packaging of your own may be damaged in transit. To avoid internal damage to your item, make sure you fill the parcel with foam or bubble wrap and follow our packaging guidelines .The forbidden fruitsAlthough Valentine's Day often means you can get away with a bit of mischief, you'll still get in trouble for sending some items via courier. Goods such as batteries, jewellery and cosmetics have some specific rules around them or may not be eligible for parcel protection. Also, for perishable items such as flowers, think about using a next day service and don't send on a Friday. Otherwise, they could be stored in a depot over the weekend. Before sending your parcels out this Valentine's Day, make sure you've double checked our list of prohibited and restricted items . As always, it's best to contact us if you're unsure.All a bit of an anti-climaxIf you sell gifts such as lingerie, nightwear or jewellery, inevitably, you're going to have a busy Valentine's Day. But, you're not going to be able to satisfy everyone. There's a good chance clothing will be ordered in the wrong size, gifts won't go down as planned and - this one's out of your control - couples may even break up. Either way, the end result is customers wishing to return items. Make sure you have a clear returns policy in place. Even though returns handling may be a thankless task for you, making it a painless experience for the customer should encourage them to purchase again.

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