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There are few things more frustrating than browsing online, finding the shoes/bag/game that you must have right away, and then playing a game of hide and seek with the courier trying to deliver it. Most economy services are unable to offer you a guaranteed day for delivery, and are certainly unable to offer a specific time slot so while we are busy with work and day to day life, couriers are knocking on doors to empty houses trying to catch you.Previously the solution was to leave the parcel with a neighbour, but with stories of lost and stolen parcels, matched with the frustrations of being the only neighbour home with a hallway full of other people parcels, it was time to open the realm. We are now seeing an increasing number of comments in delivery instructions for specific hiding places including in porches, behind plants and even in a wheelie bin! Unfortunately all it takes is a quick online search to see the problems that people are experiencing. Parcels are regularly going missing or being damaged thanks to indiscreet or downright risky locations being chosen. There are even stories of parcels being put into a full wheelie bin which has then collected and emptied before the owner knew it was there!Each year more and more parcels are being delivered thanks to the rise in online shopping and this is a trend that looks to keep going. In an attempt to solve this pain point some couriers are offering drop box services but this isn't available for all. Other consumers are installing specific parcel delivery units. The iBin is a weatherproof, key code activated parcel delivery box which allows couriers access to collect and/or drop off a parcel. What's more, there is unique label fixed to the underside of the iBin lid which when scanned is accepted as a signature. Simply add the code to your delivery instructions and you can have your parcel delivered safely and securely, without needing to wait at home.These are long term solutions which involve some investment but if you are having several parcels delivered throughout a year, and have experienced problems with the delivery; it may provide the solution to consider need moving forward. Josh Welensky from The Scotsman summed it up well in his reviewWhat value would you put on the peace of mind that future parcel deliveries will be safe and secure without the need to long days spent playing hide and seek with your selected courier?

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