Mobilegeddon - what it means


One of the most important factors in determining whether your business is successful is whether your customer can find it. If you operate online, Google has the greatest control over this with their ever changing algorithm. We've lived through the days of penguin, panda and caffeine, and this week saw a game changing move by Google.Yesterday's release was not given a catchy animal related title, but those in the know have nicknamed it mobilgeddon due to the impact that mobile is having this time around. The key takeaways from the algorithm update are:So why is google making such significant changes related to mobile? It's simple really.More and more people are doing everything they can on a mobile. From checking out their favourite stores to buying bits and pieces, a mobile is now a portal to do every aspect of their life. And with the rise of mobile payments and more methods of delivery, customer experience can actually be better on a mobile. Google want to encourage this and that's why they are rewarding companies who have a responsive site, and penalising those that don't.It's another clear indication that black hat SEO tactics will no longer work. If you, as a company, follow best practices, and do what is right for the customer rather than the search engine, Google will reward you. Unfortunately, the concern is that smaller businesses who don't have the resources readily available to rebuild their website in line with the algorithm update could be penalised. It's important to act quickly to create a journey that is optimised for your customer. As you work to do this, you will see your rankings improve naturally.

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