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Marek Koczen is the founder and Managing Director of The company sends digital pianos for short or long-term home and event rentals and has been using My Parcel Delivery's services for three years.We spoke to Marek about his experiences with My Parcel Delivery and found out why it's a better model than trudging around London delivering pianos from the back of his car...Speaking to us from his car (on the handsfree!) seems apt for Marek Koczen, MD of When he started his digital piano rental service in 2012 he spent a lot of time driving around London. Not only was he founder and MD of his own business, he was also moonlighting as his own courier, delivering the pianos himself in the back of his car to each and every customer. He says “I loved the customer interaction I was able to have with all my customers. But eventually it became unsustainable."After partnering with some local private driving firms and having some bad delivery experiences, particularly around damaged goods, he found My Parcel Delivery in 2013 and says “I've never looked back“.Through UPS he now sends between five and 10 pianos a week using My Parcel Delivery. “Delivery is a crucial part of our business“ he says. “It's fundamental to fulfilling the customer promise. I always do a lot of research before working with people as I want to ensure I only work with the very best partners. The My Parcel Delivery website I've found easy to navigate with competitive, clear pricing. Also, the customer service experience I've had with Ian has been an absolute pleasure. And as I'm such a frequent sender, I get attractive discounts too!"Marek collaborates with a local music and instrument repair shop who pack and check the pianos for him. This ensure he's done everything he can to minimise any potential damage. But now he uses My Parcel Delivery he can feel confident in retaining the quality of his service across every step of the rental process. And it also means he can scale his business as he wishes and isn't limited to however far he can drive!

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