Ebay sellers - safety first! Beware the unscrupulous buyers


Have you ever asked yourself - who is the most at risk? An eBay seller or an eBay buyer?With over 17 million people logging onto eBay in the UK every month, the site is now responsible for over 15% of the UK's online shopping (Experian Hitwise, 2011). What once started as a place for people to flog an unwanted gift or a rarely used impulse buy is now a global site for everything from fashion to furniture, and from collectibles to cars! What's more, thanks to security measures and PayPal guarantees, it is safer than ever to be an eBay buyer but what about being an ebay seller?There are hundreds of blogs, articles and cautionary tales of eBay buyers 'scammed' by unscrupulous sellers who pocket your hard earned money. We hear far fewer stories of hard working eBay sellers 'scammed' by buyers who pocket your goods! But how can this happen? Well it seems that the eBay system is weighted in the favour of the buyer rather than the seller. Don't get me wrong, there are far more instances of undelivered items than false refunds but it is still something to consider as an eBay seller.The problem seems to be a combination of a few factors. These include an uneven weighting in the number of eBay buyer claims vs eBay seller claims and eBay's understandable quest to reassure buyers to shop. Furthermore, eBay's process when investigating seller claims is said to be far too long-winded and time-consuming which has led to incorrect snap judgements being made. Something as simple as losing your postal tracking number could leave you with the difficult, unenviable task of having to prove you have fulfilled an order. But do not fear....there are 3 simple ways to help protect yourself:Follow these 3 simple steps and you are well on your way to being an 'unscammable' eBay Seller.

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