6 Alternatives to eBay - Where to Sell Your Stuff Online


We love eBay, it's a great place to sell your stuff online, and just last month the first ever “eBay Rich List“ showed off some of eBay's most successful UK businesses. However, eBay isn't the only place on the web to sell and depending on what you've got on offer, other websites might be better suited to your bits and pieces. Here are 6 alternatives to eBay, after you've read these, be sure to check out our Marketplace Selling Guides with advice for selling on Amazon, Gumtree, Etsy, Preloved, Facebook and more.Amazon MarketplaceList your items alongside Amazon's products in the Amazon Marketplace. Unlike eBay's auction style listings, you set the price with Amazon. Amazon is a great place to sell electronics, books and collectible items, both brand new and used.There are a two different selling plans on the Amazon Marketplace, a “pay-as-you-go“ system aimed at individual sellers, and a “Pro Merchant“ system for people who sell over 30 items per month. Find out more about selling on the Amazon Marketplace.DepopA favourite with fashion bloggers, Depop is a free mobile selling app which is a bit like a shoppable social media channel. Simply photograph your item, write a brief description, share it on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in just a few clicks and wait for the offers to come rolling in!There's no fee for listing items, instead you're charged 10% of the transaction amount (including postage costs). You'll also need to have a Paypal account and be aware of the fees associated with receiving Paypal payments.It's great for selling both new and used fashion items including clothes, accessories, jewellery and shoes.Find out more about selling on Depop.EtsyThe home of all things handmade, Etsy is a great place to sell uniquely crafted items from artwork, homeware and furniture, to jewellery, accessories, wedding and party items and even craft supplies for others to make their own art. There's also a great vintage section!Etsy charges $0.20 to list an item and then 3.5% commission on the item price (excluding postage costs and any tax). Don't be put off by the fact that the listing price is in $ - there are plenty of UK sellers running thriving businesses on Etsy. Find out more about selling with Etsy and read our interview with an Etsy seller.GumtreeGumtree claims to be the UK's #1 Classifieds website and have over a million ads posted on the site at any one time. They have a wide and varied “for sale“ area, selling anything from cars and furniture, to clothing, health and beauty items, consumer white goods and even more. There's even listings for freebies and a “swap shop“! The fees for posting your ad vary depending on the category you've chosen, but the “For Sale“ area is free to post in and is dedicated to private sellers. If you really want your advert to stand out there are also premium options to help your ad get noticed.Gumtree is great if you're looking for a local buyer, or if your item is something very specialist. Check out our guide to selling on Gumtree.FacebookFacebook and other social media pages weren't originally intended to be used for selling items, but if you're active on these networks, they can be a great way to show-off what you're selling and find a buyer.Facebook won't charge you to post on your own FB profile, or even on your friend's profiles (although we'd advise against doing this without getting permission first). Not only can you post on your own profile, but you can share your bits and bobs on any number of the free groups and communities. Look out for your local “For Sale or Swap“ groups, or seek out a fan page if you're selling something special. If you're really keen to get your item sold on Facebook, you can pay to run a Facebook advert and promote your item to an audience of your choice, but most of the time you can find a buyer without needing to do this. Sign in, or sign up for a Facebook account to start selling.ASOS MarketplaceThe ASOS Marketplace is a perfect opportunity for budding fashion designers and dress-makers to build their customer base, by selling alongside ASOS clothing and their established brands. The application process to open an ASOS boutique requires you to stock a minimum of 15 different styles at any one time, and they also have a set of standards for the photos of your products. Costing just £20 per month, you'll also pay 20% commission on every item sold.Find out more about opening an online boutique on the ASOS Marketplace.After you've made your sale, whether you used eBay's auction system or tried out one of the alternatives, all you have to do is package up your parcel and send it to its new home. Most buyers will want to know postage and delivery costs in advance of making their purchase, so when you're listing your stuff for sale, don't forget to check My Parcel Delivery for a quick parcel delivery quote. If you send more than 10 parcels a week you could qualify for a Business Account with My Parcel Delivery.

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