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Send Car Tyres and Alloy Wheels with MyParcelDelivery

Whether it’s winter tyres, part worn or something for a more classic model, you help your customers navigate their way through plenty of options before finding the perfect fit. That’s why we understand the importance of helping our customers pick the right courier service. On a daily basis, you might need to send tyres to another branch for a fitting, or find cheap delivery to offer your customers the best price. Either way, you want the customer to get their tyre or alloy in the best condition, on time. When it comes to tyres and alloy wheels, we help our customers ship hundreds each month, so we fully appreciate that they’re naturally bulky items to send. You’ll want to avoid additional charges, select a recommended courier, and pick a service that can cater for the necessary weight and dimensions. Over the years, we’ve learned there are specific guidelines around deflating tyres and packaging alloys that help reduce the chance of delays or damage. But, don’t fret, we know all the ins and outs, and we’re on hand 7 days a week to offer our expert advice and guidance. Over 12,000 businesses have shipped a parcel with us, and we’ve received over 9,000 5-star reviews on TrustPilot. If you send 5 parcels a week, you may qualify for a business account, which will entitle you to our preferred customer service and exclusive discounts.