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Notonthehighstreet (NOTHS) is a hub for creative producers to showcase their flair and sell their products, with the site listing, marketing and hosting the checkout for over 5,000 individual sellers. Notonthehighstreet has, since it was started back in 2006, developed a strong reputation for well-sourced, innovative products that are difficult to find on (yes you guessed it) the high street. From unusual picture frames and jewellery, to artisanal gins and boho clothing, Notonthehighstreet is now a trusted source for uniqueness. With 39 million unique visitors annually, users of Not on the High Street have come to expect quality, enhancing the site’s desire to bring ‘extraordinary, surprising products’ to their customers. And in return, sellers gain huge exposure as part of this well-oiled crafty behemoth. So if you think you’ve got what it takes, read on and find out how to become a Notonthehighsteet seller.

Get snap happy

Before you submit your application form you need to make sure you have photos of your products that will knock the socks off the NOTHS judging panel. You can upload the pictures to your website or, if you don’t have a website, to a dedicated Flickr page. It’s important to get the pics right; we have more helpful hints on photography below to reiterate just how important this is in the website’s decision-making process.

Submit your application form

The next thing you need to do is head to the Notonthehighstreet website and fill in the seller application form. Remember to complete each section as fully, meticulously and descriptively as you can. If you have a website, make sure it’s looking as pretty as possible as the ‘judges’ will more than likely check it out before they do anything else. NOTHS is always on the lookout for products that are unique, high quality and innovative so make sure your whole site reflects this. Your personal history will also go down well in the ‘Tell us more about your business’ section. Check out some of the existing stores and sellers on Not on the High Street to get a feel for the type of products that are most popular and how these sellers tell their stories.

Get your shop in order

Once you have been approved to become a Not on the High Street Partner you must agree to their terms and conditions. NOTHS must be able to make your product live within three months of you paying your one-off £199 joining fee or you risk being booted off, so don’t mess about. Remember, on each sale, Notonthehighstreet will take 25% commission before paying you, so factor this into your on-going costs and get up-selling!

Step 4
Pimp your Page

Once you’ve got your stock ready to fly off the shelves, it’s time to pimp your NOTHS homepage, starting with your Storefront. This is where you can not only sell your products, but also develop your brand. NotontheHighStreet is keen to bring to life real, personal stories about their Partners to enhance their customers’ shopping experience. There are five more areas you can fill in detailing all of your products and prices, and it’s a good idea to ask your customers for feedback to add to the Customer Comments section. The more comments you have, the more trustworthy you will seem. Also ask customers to share your page on social media to get people talking about you and your products.


What products are popular with NOTHS shoppers?

Unique, innovative, unusual products will attract the attention of NOTHS shoppers. Also if your product can be personalised, that’s a big plus. People browsing the site love the bespoke feel for their wedding or to give as gifts, so if you can personalise, do.

What are the main benefits of this marketplace?

2 million visitors per month and growing; support and advice from the Notonthehighstreet team; a strong brand reputation and lots of advertising. It’s not guaranteed success, but it’s a great platform to start from and can be very lucrative if you get it right.

What are the downsides to selling on Notonthehighstreet?

You have to pay Not on the High Street 25% commission on each sale, which is quite high compared to some other online marketplaces, so selling the products you know have a high profit margin on here will work best. Also, you can’t advertise your other online stores on the site.

Can I sell overseas? Yes, many sellers on NOTHS sell internationally. My Parcel Delivery has a dedicated international delivery comparison service offering fast international delivery options to delight your customers from San Diego to Seoul.

What support will I be given once I’m trading?

Once you are a Partner you will be given access to a bank of support materials to advise you on product development and pricing (the latter is solely your responsibility). You could also be given some ‘new starter’ publicity on the company’s homepage to help get your products selling.

Who is responsible for paying my VAT and income tax?

It’s your responsibility to deal with your own VAT (if you are VAT registered) and pay your own income tax.


Photos can make or break the products you’ve created; they are the most important thing to get right.  First,try to make your snaps look as pro as possible. You don’t need a fancy SLR; you can even use your iPhone, and there are plenty of apps out there to help you get the best out of your photos. It’s also important to make sure your pictures are well composed and well lit. Don’t place your products in inappropriate settings or on mannequins. Why not ask a photographer to help you; it really is vitally important to showcase your products as clearly as possible. Take your time over this and ask for honest feedback from your friends, family and colleagues before you submit your application form to


Scouring Notonthehighstreet carefully and assessing your competitors is important. You should look for good examples of people using the site effectively; look at their product photos and think about what works well, and what doesn’t. Also look at pricing and how they have described their products. Remember, potential customers will see competitor products alongside yours in their search results, so think about how you can make your products stand out.


Once the orders come rolling in you need to make sure you deliver when it comes to your delivery options. This could make or break your customers’ shopping experience, so you don’t want to let people down; items need to be delivered in their described condition and in a timely fashion. Not on the High Street lists seven delivery choices that sellers can offer to customers; you should also consider offering free delivery on your products, to make your items even more appealing to those browsing the site.  To find the right shipping deal for you, head to My Parcel Delivery’s courier comparison.


As you’re listed on NOTHS, shoppers will have certain expectations when it comes to how your items are packaged, so make sure you take care to wrap up your items nicely. Little touches like an accompanying handwritten note and wrapping your items in tissue paper can help build up positive feedback and a loyal following for your brand, especially on a site like this. And as you can’t advertise your own website on Notonthehighstreet, packaging is a great opportunity to upsell. Why not design some branded packaging or put some website info cards inside your package?


And finally, not every application to NOTHS will be successful first time, so if you don’t initially have any luck, don’t be put off. Try again in a few months when the market may have changed or you’ve added to your product range, but in the meantime keep selling your creations independently and build your reputation.